You think we have no impact? Snowflakes Demand We Stop Calling Them Snowflakes

Hey snowflakes. If the snowshoe fits, wear it.

As long as you insist that a conservative is evil for having been born, you will suffer all of my verbal wrath and everything I have to offer in the way of harming your delicate psyche. That is my promise to you.

Marxist Snowflake story HERE

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  1. How utterly lacking in self-awareness are these imbeciles?

    “Don’t say I’m a thin-skinned cry baby because it gets under my skin and makes me cry.”

    That takes a special kind of stupid.

  2. My mom always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then their probably assholes and I don’t want them in our house.

  3. Speaking of snowflakes, does the Liberty Mutual commercial with the little faggots with a flat tire bother anybody but me? Liberty Mutual markets that they’ll send out a real man to change your wimpy shitpickle’s tire, like that’s a good thing.

    I knew how to change a tire before I knew how to drive.
    What a bunch of useless queers.

  4. Oh, yes…THIS they find “triggering” and need a special place
    (surprisingly, NOT a mental institution)
    YET: once they IMAGINE they are triggered, any violence they react with they call “justified.”
    No no no no no no no no.
    And THIS is why I carry…a big mouth AND 2 friends: Smith and…

  5. “Speaking of snowflakes, does the Liberty Mutual commercial with the little faggots with a flat tire bother anybody but me? ”

    Oh hell yes. My daughter new how to change a tire at that age. Little prissy faggot. I just shake me head every time they play that commercial.

  6. Speaking of snow and snowflakes, I hate snow. I hate everything associated with snow; snowmen, snow women, snow transites; snow blowers, snow shovels, snow shoes, noisy snowmobiles; Rudolf, Bambi, and deer in general. Those rodents are hazards on the highway and should be wiped out.
    But watching FOX news tonight just raised my blood pressure a degree or two. Skiers, phucking skiers. Elitists who fly to Aspen, the Italian and French Alps to roar down a mountain on sticks for enjoyment. Sometimes drunk. They usually end up seriously injured or dead. (Military Skiers aside,
    they suck.)
    But getting back to FOX tonight: Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic Skier on the American team. Now hear me out. I have been supporting the American Olympics for many years with donations, not big ones, but donations nevertheless.
    This bint, a lovely looking girl, but obviously very stupid, told the world that she is proud to represent the American people at the games, but not the President (Trump), and she would absolutely not accept an invitation to the White House.
    OK Lindsey enjoy your time on “The View.” Colbert.
    and the rest of the Trump hating night shows. I just hope you don’t break your phucking leg on the first run. Not really.

  7. I despise ALL the Liberty Mutual ads, because all the people on them have snotty attitudes toward insurance companies. Major chips on their shoulders… need I say more ?

    The Progressive ads also triggers the Mute button…. what a turn-off !

  8. TO PHenry
    If you use them, contact them and tell them what a REVOLTING image they project to potential customers with that ad, and how you’re considering going elsewhere.

    I’ve found it helps…even if you’re talking to a local/affiliate/franchise.

  9. These snowflakes are just too darn easy to trigger, aren’t they?! haaha! Snowflake! Snowflake! Snowflake!! It’s just too bad that not all of them will have crying jag videos on the internets somewhere in about 30 years for them and their children to cringe at. May all their progeny be conservative.

  10. And Oh, US Olympic Committee, don’t bother me anymore unless you suspend Lindsey Vonn for being an idiot and not representative of 65 million American voters. I’m just tired, tired, tired of this shit!

  11. At the risk of being called a snowflake I’ll admit to calling AAA to come and change my tire, and I’m really glad I did. My wife and I were on our way someplace important (so important I don’t remember) and we had our fancy, big city clothes on. Believe it or not, they got to me on the side of I-5 in 10 minutes, I was on the road 10 minutes later, and my clothes were clean and we didn’t miss anything.

  12. Loretta I’ve been with Liberty Mutual since 1970.
    House and car Ins. Never had a problem with them?
    But their ads are pretty silly, and probably unnecessary.

  13. @czar. Nope. I’m fortunate to have USAA.

    How about this Liberty Mutual beauty? You do all this research into your new car and then you smash it into a tree. And your insurance company says they won’t replace your car. Maybe you should have done more research into your insurance company. …

    Or maybe you should learn how to fucking drive a car.
    Driving into a tree was your fault, moron. It’s highly recommended that you don’t do so. It is usually fatal.
    OK. I apologize for this accidental thread jack. But this has been bothering me. Fits in with the rest of the snot nosed entitled cunts we see all the time. Pajama boy marketing.

  14. You say it hurts your mental health?
    Let me help you out.
    Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snooooooowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Douche, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflakyflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,Snowflake, Snowflake,

  15. @joe6pak. No harm no foul. If you’re in your finery no need to change a tire yourself.

    I remember dad making me put snow chains on the car on our way to church. I was on my good clothes.
    It didn’t turn out well. Haha.

  16. PHenry, I hate putting on chains, it’s never nice out when you have to do it. Getting back to AAA, that’s the best money I’ve spent for an automotive service company. I’ve only needed them a couple times, but they damn sure came thru for me when I called.

  17. The Liberty Mutual ads get to me, because the people bellyache that other insurance companies will not completely bail them out with a completely new car. They have an entitlement mentality.
    Get a clue … the insurance company is not there to completely bail you out …. it is there to reduce your financial risk in case of accidents.
    The driver absorbs some of the financial risk, as do they.

  18. Now listen up. I’ll only say this once.
    From: The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2017, P 98.
    ” In 1885 Wilson A. “Snowflake” Bentley, of Jericho, Vermont,takes the first photo of a snowflake crystal,beginning the life-long study eventually showing that no two snowflakes are alike.”
    Sorry Winston, but today’s snowflakes are all alike.
    Just look at BFH, MJA, and Bad Brad! FFS! LOL

  19. My dad did not teach me to change a tire myself, even though I begged him to…he said he was afraid the car would fall on me, and I’ve been scared ever since. To this day I can’t do it.

    I used to be able to do everything else though, back in the day when cars were simpler.

  20. @Joe6pak – AAA is the best investment for roadside service. I’ve had three (3!) transmission failures — one very far from home. No problem. I like it when they send the great big tow trucks 🙂 Also, I’m always checking businesses for their AAA rating/discount.

    Learned to change a tire, hone brake drums, fit brake shoes and repair a bunch of stuff on my ’60 Studebaker Skylark when I was mid H.S. I did not enjoy changing the oil.

  21. Have been boycotting Hollywood. No idea what everyone is talking about re Liberty Mutual. However, now that I know pussified snowflakes will pee their pants after being triggered by the term snowflake, they’re going to get a mouthful from this ol God loving conservative with a hint of deviousness and a light dusting of Idon’t givvashit.

  22. There’s a DSM mental illness entry for “Adjustment Disorder” which is what these snowflakes are describing:

    “The newest guide to diagnosing mental disorders is the DSM-5, classifies Adjustment Disorders as Stressor-related disorders which are caused by a specific stressor.”

    Snowflakes are uptight, prissy little things, who cannot adapt to anything more complex than the newest OS on their i-Phone.

  23. Oh, their feelings are hurt because we call them snowflakes.

    What are they going to do about it?
    Nothing, they are snowflakes. We are the dangerous ones, if sufficiently provoked.

  24. Phuck it I pay for Roadside assistance. I’ll use it if need be. It has nothing to do with being a snowflake, who, by the way need assistance in putting air in a tire. If I get a flat or a bad battery, I’ll call roadside assistance. I have the coverage. I’ll use it.

  25. Joe/Tommy,

    During one of the winter Olympics they featured a Bio on her. She was raised by a couple that were ski bum hippies. She’s never had to work with her hands to make a buck. Unfortunately our athletic heros enjoy committing suicide with conservative sports fans. I’ll guarantee the wrestling team is conservative. Pain makes you conservative.

  26. “Damaging to their mental health?”

    Does it make them suicidal? Because that’s what I’m aiming for. Let me know what to say to them to get them to off their precious selves.

  27. Larry Lib : They aren’t literal Snowflakes , until the day they see the real world… Then they melt into Life. Lib Proff’s should have prepared them, but they aren’t prepared themselves !

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