You thought calling people deplorables was a bad political strategy? Marcia Fudge says, “hold my beer’

25 Comments on You thought calling people deplorables was a bad political strategy? Marcia Fudge says, “hold my beer’

  1. Just called Rep. Fudge’s office in D.C., 202/225-7032. Spoke with a very polite intern, Erica. Told her I just listened to the Rep’s comments. I sweetly shared how I didn’t think I was racist as I had an African American woman as a roommate until I got married. Former roommate is the Godmother of my sons and we just texted this morning, btw. I said I was steeped in religious beliefs as a Christian, I was definitely ignorant of a lot, and dumb about many things, too. I am fairly patriotic with my Dad and two brothers serving in the military. I summed it up by telling Erica that the reason I called was to tell Rep. Fudge that Jesus loves her.
    Erica thanked me, asked my name and zip code, and said she would pass on my message. We were both very polite and civil.

  2. Declining moral values? Like killing a baby just before or maybe even after it is born? That kind of moral value you support? You evil bint?

  3. If Marcia Fudge is indicative of the electorate in her district it is probably time to call in the B-52s……. send her back!!!

  4. Yep, I’m stepped in JudeoChristian morals & beliefs. That’s why I donated to Trump, voted for Trump and prayed to Jesus to intervene against Satan’s whore named Killary

  5. @A.Moose June 12, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    > You can’t fix stupid and half this country is stupid.

    That’s why I, as a patriot, insist on being in the same country.

  6. I am sure her mother did say “some people are just plain dumb”. Referring to her monumentally dumb daughter.

  7. Geoff: Hysterical. When my 11 year old grandson learned Obama was not going to be president he asked me what Obama was going to do after leaving the White House.

    “He is going to work for a candy company,” I said.

    “What is he going to do for a candy company?” asked my grandson.

    “Well,” I said, “he is going to be a Fudge-packer!”

    True story.

  8. Another democrat who’s opinions I care less than nothing about. Having your moral character and belief’s insulted by a leftist is an indicator that you’re probably living a wholesome life.

  9. This fat, racist, communist cow needs a large caliber lead enema to the head. Make sure you use something larger then 9mm, otherwise would bounce off her thick skull.

  10. DOC

    I first heard Redd on fudge in the 50’s. Maybe, because it was popular when I was defending Ike from my America hating school teachers, he did it again years later. If you saw him on TV then it was a rerun of stuff he did before his TV show.

    I am OLD

  11. Wow, just wow.
    Projection anyone?

    The Democrats are synonymous with God-hating perverts, unpatriotic ingrates, and so evil that they cheer for murder by abortion.

    Hell will be populated by Democrats you vile ignorant waste of human skin. Oh, and your voting base is to stupid to live without being reminded to breathe at regular intervals.


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