You, Too, Can Rescue a Dog From a Leftist Political Campaign

Or maybe you’d prefer to rescue Elizabeth Warren’s beer?

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  1. Look. I had two dogs in my life, a lovely little terrier and a Lassie looking collie. This was back in the Forties. They were free beings. No collars, no leaches. They were free to roam. get laid, whateverthe hell wanted to do. But they always came home and scratched on the door for dinner. Also when we came home from school, a couple of us, some times used to whistle up a few dogs to go rabbit hunting. Sometimes some dogs would fight and we’ed have to kick some ass to get them into shape. They got the point and started chasing rabbits. We never caught a rabbit. But while chasing rabbits, they didn’t fight. And besides, all they wanted to do was get laid. American dogs are held on a leach. pampered. spoiled, and fucking useless. I never spent a penny to a Vet on my dogs. They died like heroes, chasing cars.

  2. Poor dog has looked that way ever since he found out Beto met with Barky. This one has Eaten Dog Syndrome, PHenry.

  3. Watching TV I note that people spend more time worrying more about cats and dogs than they do about abortions of humans. Just sayin’

  4. At moe tom. I’ve never kicked a dog to get them into shape. I’m grateful that you know longer have a dog. They’re better off without you. Much better off.

  5. My late (January) father in laws lab, sleeps in a doghouse, 365 days a year. Country living in Northern Minnesota have not fazed her. She’s 14 now and still thinks she’s a pup for about 15 minutes. Happiest dog I know.

  6. Rick. I loved my dogs. They were free. Free to roam. Yes I’d give them a smack now and then. “kick some ass” does not mean literally “kick”. you are a phucking asshole. Do you OWN a SLAVE dog locked up in your fucking apartment? You walk the poor bastard twice a day. so he can take a shit? What kind of a life is that? A fucking dog’s life. My dogs, Inky the terrier and Wallie the Collie lived free. They died being struck by cars. Your poor dogs will never experience freedom. Held on a leach,confined, never allowed to roam, like a dog should be allowed to’
    Yes, take them to the Vet, give them medical care, but never let them run around like dogs. Phuck off. Rick.

  7. OK Tom, you really told me. Tom, it’s called a leash. I live on 32 acres, my rescues run free and I have never had to kick them, nor could I imagine doing that. Your dogs must have been terrified of you. The problem with this site is that you can’t block asshole animal abusers. Fuck off Tom, go die you old fuck.

  8. Rick, the secret to online happiness is not giving a fudge about what other people say.

    You don’t like Moe Tom. Fair enough. Move on. We got enough people who like to stir up angst on this site by goin’ after each other.

  9. Threadjack rescue attempt….

    Whatever happened to B.O.’s dog Bo? Photo op dog enlisted to humanize prez 44.
    He just disappeared after not much time…..speaking of democrat prop dogs.

  10. @B.O.

    Do you recommend mint or cilantro? What am I talking about? You’re too stupid to open a can of soup.
    Please forward my question to your chef.

  11. Rick. I can’t argue with an asshole like you. It’s been so long ago I remember my dogs loved the whole family and we loved them, but I remembe once when I was a kid, Inky the terrier, took a shit in the kitchen, and my dad grabbed him and stuck his nose in the shit. Inky never did it again.
    “Go die you old fuck” Nice. You’re a real dog loving fucking phoney. Go fuck yourself.

  12. @PHenry – Slow cooked in a Tagine over a moderate flame. Add vegetables about an hour before done. Doggone tasty meal if I do say so myself. Fall off the bone delicious. (Save bones to feed to next meal)

  13. I agree that if @MoeTom’s dad could have shoved Barack Obama’s nose in a pile of his own shit, Bo would have been a better dog. Obama would have still sucked as President, but the American people could have the satisfaction of Barack Obama getting his nose mashed into a shit pile.

  14. Bark. Bark, Bark, Bark. Shutup you little prick ‘fore I drop kick you out the fucking window. That you Rick? Phoney phuck!

  15. “Sometimes some dogs would fight and we’ed have to kick some ass to get them into shape.”

    I understood what you meant, Moe tom. Don’t know what Rick’s problem is.

    For out-of-control dogs, it’s similar to “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Sometimes, the only way to get them to stop is to “kick their butts.” For canines, humans HAVE to be the alpha male, so to speak.

    I raised a Siberian from a fluff ball and literally had to tackle him several times as a puppy to make him understand. He learned the lesson well and was the best dog I ever had.

  16. Jimmy I’ll go a little further, Rick is sorta like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In a way. A phucking idiot1

  17. Timmy: What’s that girl? Hildebeast is on the rag again?

    Lassie: whimper, bark! bark!

    Timmy: She needs to wipe her hard drive, go fetch her a cloth or something.

    Lassie: bark!, bark! Wag tail.

    (Whistling tune as the sunsets over the farm)

  18. Jimmy, you’re right about that. My Chihuahua fights me every night, and I have to fight back.
    She usually wins, tho.


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