You Tube is experiencing some technical difficulties… – IOTW Report

You Tube is experiencing some technical difficulties…

UPDATE: They’re Baaaaack!


They acknowledged it on Twitter.


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  1. @MJA- Great choice of illustration. AIRPLANE is one of my favorite movies, esp. Lloyd Bridges’ role/

  2. Old_oaks, kek=lol…lol

    This is how the right-wing meme occult deals with you Kavanaugh-hexers!!



  3. @ A Burr – I used the word fag (Money for Nothing) and Archie in the same sentence and thought that did it?

    Also posted a ‘gay’ website saying Money for Nothing was NOT phobic.

    I posted about this on that Straits song.

    After that KA-BOOM.

    Was like…..Wow…I hit GOLD.

    Testing…Testing…Come in London.

  4. And just like that all of Steven Crowder, Victor Davis Hansen, Prager, all of the Trump v. CNN parody vids and the rest of the Conservative thinkers will be gone. Down the memory hole.

  5. If I could get in, I’d verify, but pretty sure I’m one of the earliest adopters of YouTube.

    I’ve never seen YouTube have an outage. I bet there’s a lot more to this story.

    Funny too, about 1/2hr ago they were reporting “thousands” of users, it’s now being reported as “millions” of users.


    Thirdtwin, It appears they’re supremely butt hurt at being labeled NPCs. Mass banning going on all over the place for using the meme.

  6. @ Old Oaks – Please get IN…I agree WTF? If I may…that just does not happen…until now! WHAT did it?

    How bout #youareeffednow.

    @ A Burr – glad to agree than disagree…

  7. I think they were re-decorating their front page and messed something up. Like the guy from the story earlier today that was cleaning the dashboard of the F-16 and took out the one next to it with a missile. LOL.

  8. ghost of col j glover, I actually created an account a little over a year after the first upload. July 2006 it says. Considering it takes me anywhere from 3-9 months to actually see if it’s worth creating an account. I’m pretty sure I was watching YouTube in 2005.

  9. Oaky, it’s one of those tiny tiny memories overlooked from at least a decade or 2 ago that anybody who’s ever played any video games will remember.

    Hysterical spot on application. Whoever invented that got a belly laugh from me.

  10. NPC = Non Playing Character
    As in a video game, characters who don’t interact with the player, and repeat the same actions regardless of actual events occurring around them.

    I had to look it up, so maybe this will help if anyone else is confused.

    The NPC memes are triggering the left so hard it’s hysterical!! Search for some – it’ll make you feel great!!

  11. Boehnerdict Ryan, exactly. It’s something we look at and think “ohhhhhh yeah, I remember that. Heh.”

    But the left is indeed going into hysterics and that’s what makes it so incredibly funny. If they didn’t respond no one would keep making these memes. hahahahahahahaha

  12. The gaslight can be turned down only so low before it goes out. What are we going to see when it comes back on, YouTube?

  13. @old oaks WTF! you are right apparently but abc reposted it. its on the same page as a story about the Cruz Beto debate. No date on the article either SMH


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