You Want Choco Choco Chip? ….. Boop

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  1. As Trump asked in last night’s rally, who is actually running the government? Biden isn’t, it’s plain to see.

  2. Is it possible to file a suit against the Government to force Joe Biden to take a cognitive ability test (or whatever it is called).

  3. I miss having a smart president who is fully engaged.

    This guy hides in the basement with tapioca pudding dripping down his chin as he watches reruns of Courtship of Eddie’s father with Bill Bixby. 🎶people let me tell you’bout my beeeest friend.

    Of course, the show has been out of syndication for decades.

    But Joe thinks it’s on.

    He also still hopes to meet Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke someday. She was a real looker, ya know. He’d give the ride’m cowboy of her life. Giddy up.

  4. “…You Want Choco Choco Chip? ….. Boop…”

    I uhh, I, ummm, ahhhh…where are my notes? I uhhhh, think vanilla. Oh, I’m going to get in trouble for that one…

  5. He is Bart Simpson’s grandpa.

    Confession. Some of my utterings were stolen from WMAL’s Chris Plante. But he said he was watching reruns of ‘Hazel’, but I’ve made tapioca jokes about Biden since before Plante. So maybe he stole that from me.
    We all plagiarize a bit. The drooling slobbering tripping falling mumbling stumbling resident of the White House is the biggest plagiarist of all time.

  6. I’ve been making fudge pops and chocolate milkshakes for the kids (and me!) lately with some homemade chocolate syrups and been calling them “Choca Choca.”

    It caught on, my kid asked me yesterday, “Daddy, can you please make me a choca choca?” lol.

  7. ecp, make you kid a “juicy Jump-up” by mixing some different juices. Mine love those. Also, you have to mix the peanut butter and the jelly together in a bowl before spreading on bread.

    It’s the little things in life.

  8. Jill Biden is a pos for dragging this demented clown into the situation he’s in. It’s all about HER.

  9. If Biden was a Republican, the commies (I’m not going to refer to them as the left anymore) would be arresting Jill for elder abuse.

  10. Jill makes him sleep in another bedroom if she is mad at him. They are controlling him with promise of ice cream and sex.

  11. Watching that clip of the husk tearing into that ice cream in Michigan was truly disturbing. He is like a toddler getting something sweet. If somebody tried to take it away from him he would pitch a bitch, just like a child would. I have a friend who is an M.D. that tells me people who are on medication for dementia often attack food in this manner. We can all see clearly that he is not well mentally. It is incredibly sad to see the people who handle this corpse let this kind of thing happen on a daily basis. It not only humiliates him but us, as well.

  12. Choco Choco Chip, Joe likes to eat his Choco Chip, Choco Choco Chip, somebody get the man a dip.

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