You would think cops could identify donut glaze flakes without a field test kit


Good Samaritan takes a friend to chemo: check. Good Samaritan drives a fellow churchgoer home: check. Good Samaritan arrested and jailed for having crystal meth in his car that turned out to be flakes from a doughnut: Wait, what? This all happened in one day to Daniel Rushing in Orlando in December 2015, and NPR reports the 65-year-old now has a $37,500 settlement from the city after he sued them. Rushing was leaving a 7-Eleven (one being monitored by cops for drug activity, per the Orlando Sentinel) with his church friend when he was pulled over for speeding and another minor infraction; the police officer noticed he had a concealed-weapons permit, confirmed he had a pistol on him, and asked him to step out of the car. He agreed to let his car be searched, and when officers spotted crystals on the floor and tested them, they came up positive for methamphetamine.

“I’ve never even smoked a cigarette!” he told cops, explaining it was just Krispy Kreme residue, but he was arrested on charges of meth possession while armed and thrown in jail, where he sat for 10 hours before making bail. NPR reports that the cheap drug-testing kits that law enforcement rely on in the field are often inaccurate:


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  1. Sadly, this is what far too much of “law enforcement” has become these days. It is extremely well known that the “field test kits” will show positive for drugs regardless of whatever is “tested” (this includes baking soda, cat litter, cocoa, “comet” (cleaner) and even air itself among many other things). Just google “faulty police field test kits” or something similar and you’ll find that this is not only common knowledge, but common practice among “law enforcement” today.

    It’s a money making scam and they know it. Pull someone over, violate their 4th amendments rights (search and seizure), “test” whatever you can find in their vehicle with a known faulty “field test kit” and falsely arrest them for “drugs”. Under today’s rules, the citizen is guilty until he can prove himself to be innocent (and even when he does, the system has robbed him of thousands of dollars in the meantime).

    This is simply another known, illegal method for corrupt “law enforcement” agencies and “prosecutors” to assist governments in stealing from the citizenry. The victims of these government sponsored scams in the majority of these cases is forced to pay thousands of dollars into a corrupt system to defend themselves against false evidence that is, or should, be known to have more likelihood of being false than not. But the government doesn’t care as long as they can soak money out of the deal.

    These scumbags that claim to be upholding the law don’t care at all what the truth is – all they want is to steal money from people while hiding behind “the law” in order to do it. Arresting and charging innocent people has become its own industry in America today because governments can coerce people into paying lots of money regardless of whether they did anything wrong or not.

    And yes, I have personal experience with this BS which is why I am so outspoken about it.

  2. One problem here is that a lot of cops don’t like it when anybody besides them gets to be armed, so if you are they will find reasons to bust you. However, as Bubba’s Brother said, the bottom line is: It’s all about the money.

    Here’s a tip: No matter how politely they ask, NEVER agree to let them search your car or property without a warrant. And just hope they don’t bring in a drug-sniffing dog that they can pull a false “alert” with, which allows them to search you anyway.

  3. The rest of the story notes that he can’t find work in his field because he can’t get the arrest for meth off of his record.
    Likewise, if you were purchasing a firearm or a multitude of other background checks you are ruining someone’s life over a false arrest.

    But if you weren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about or so I’m told.

  4. It’s almost like Americans really believe that people trying to jack their cars are always doing it to give them their Publishers’ Clearinghouse Prizes.


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