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Young People Dropping Like Flies Inexplicably

THIS is scarier than Covid.


The Rays announced this evening that bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez has passed away at age 28.

A late-round pick out of Illinois State in the 2016 draft, Ramirez played three seasons in Tampa Bay’s farm system before being released. Soon afterwards, however, the club rehired Ramirez for a new role as the bullpen catcher on the big league club, opening a door towards the coaching career Ramirez looked to establish.

“He brought so much passion and energy each day to our clubhouse and bullpen, and his love for the Rays and baseball was evident to all. He had the biggest heart and the most infectious smile,” Cash said.


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The Rays did not announce Ramirez’s cause of death. Neander called it an “unexpected loss.”

33 Comments on Young People Dropping Like Flies Inexplicably

  1. “He had the biggest heart…”

    …yes, athletes ususally do.

    Enlarged ones. From all the extra activity.

    …and The Jab makes them much, MUCH worse ..

  2. jellybean
    JANUARY 11, 2022 AT 11:19 PM
    “Why don’t we hear about the liberal elitist dropping like flies?”

    …THEIR jabs are saline…

  3. question: how many people, in your lifetime, do you know that suddenly dropped dead without underlying health issues?

    seems like it’s a daily occurrence now. perfectly healthy people just dropping like flies … Billy Gates is getting a chubby

  4. Dying isn’t the worst thing that can happen to someone: wait till the long-term effects of this shot start coming around and killing people very, very slowly and painfully. Crazy Bill Gates is getting his wish.

  5. “Dropping Like Flies”

    …that’s not going to be a metaphor to use as the jabbed bodies pile higher. Flies will lead full, rich, well-nourished lives and raise large families of maggots on the carnage to come, and the only thing dropping will be the mouldering flesh off the mandatedly murdered bones…

  6. When you have healthy young athletes (at least 2 a week and over 300 in all) falling over dead on the field all over the world, there is only one answer.

  7. Maybe the Grim Reaper wants to liven up the afterlife. It’s gotta’ get dull being filled with old people.

  8. Think about this.
    Our ridiculous supreme court is currently sitting on their fat asses deciding if millions of Americans will have to decide between the vax and being unemployable.
    Think about that!

    Fucking bunch of cunts should have decided in 30 seconds.
    Fucking bastards!

  9. “Bring out your dead!” Famous sayings of the early middle ages revived in the latter stages of the covid “vaccine” plague.

    Mr. Gates gets his th hearts desire.

  10. Remember…

    murderers, liars, hypocrites, ALL have their place waiting in the eternal Lake of Fire. None shall escape God’s just wrath.


  11. I doubt if our “special politicians” are getting a shot of the “real” vaccine, because they been told the truth. I’m sure they can’t be trusted.

  12. When is the first Pfizer Pfactory going to to burn down “unexpectedly”? How come they have no “supply chain issues?”

  13. How long before some people who lost loved ones decide to go for some retribution at those responsible?
    There’s the real question.
    Once that shit starts there’s going to be no stopping it.

  14. Normally Not interested in the Olympics, might tune in this year though Just to count how many Athletes keel over in the games and how the media covers it


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