Your Immune System Hates Your Tattoos

I used to believe, like most people, that tattoos were only skin deep. It turns out those needles they stitch you with are actually causing an immune response. Over time, your body’s means of protection itself will, if given half a chance, will protect you from your bad life choices. More





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  1. wonder how many folks out there are going to be called ‘grandma dirty-arm’ in the near future?
    “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling” ~ Jimmy Buffett

    … I give my immune system enough to fight without adding to it, thank you very much

  2. The cosmetic tattoo inks start fading within a year (they’re different ink and they aren’t put in as deep under the skin). I had a coworker who did eyeliner, lip and brow tattoos. I understand lip line and brows- because they are mostly for nature’s ‘flaw’ corrections, but EYE LINER???? Sheesh.

  3. A neighbor friend had her eyebrows tatted on and it just looked weird. You couldn’t look at the rest of her face because it was so distracting. Huge turn off.

  4. I was one of a few who didn’t get a tattoo after boot camp in the late 60’s. Many in the military considered it a right of passage.

  5. I have a dot near the middle of my chin. I’m sure people think I got a tattoo but I got impaled by a pencil when I was a kid. I wish it would go away, but just my luck, it’s deep enough to still be there after I’m dead.

  6. My sperm donor had 2 tattoos on his arm. One was a naked lady sitting in a martini glass and on the other arm a naked lady. I never invited anyone over because I was embarrassed and humiliated by them. I hate tattoos and I call them trash stamps. When women get older, that rose tatted on their arm or leg is going to look like a shriveled up vagina. /just saying

  7. tattoos are foolish in my opinion. What a way to scar yourself, especially on a woman.

    However, when I was airbrushing I wouldnt have hesitated airbrushing a tattoo on a *ahem topless woman but that was in the 80’s and it hadnt caught on yet.

  8. When I was much younger I thought a small, tasteful butterfly just below my collar bone would be cute. But then the thought of that butterfly morphing into Mothra as I aged changed my mind.

  9. No matter how homely she is, no woman’s looks are improved by a tattoo.

    No matter how comely she is, a woman’s looks are diminished by a tattoo.

    IMO, tats on a woman say “Deep down, I’m insecure, unhappy with myself and I really don’t care about myself.” Well if you don’t, why should anyone else?

    It usually also says “I like to get stupid drunk.” Maybe there are exceptions but every woman I’ve ever known, or work with now, who have tats, drinks to get wasted. Coincidence? Nah.

  10. I have a relation who is vying for Illustrated Woman status. Pretty much everything but the face, hands and private parts have been inked, but not quite as densely.

    Brags about them. Shows pics online. When she looked to show them off to the family, people were first taken aback and then repulsed. I think it can be a measure of how far off the rails someone has gone.

    Now this information. Family member is dealing with cancer for the second time – it took until the last diagnosis for her to stop smoking cigarettes and eating crap. I’m not going to share this with her, or anyone who can influence her. Having read the linked article, I think A, it’s a bit late in the game and B, there isn’t much left to f-up with more tattoos.

  11. Me too Claudia, I have a . on my side of my pinky finger from a fellow classmate. We were working with flow pen ink in Art class. Kids clowning around.No Tattoos for me! Gross.

  12. My daughter came to visit last Fathers Day and I was shocked to see she had a couple of small tattoos on her wrist and arm. I maintained my deadpan expression and said nothing, but inside I sure wish she’d not done it. I think she will ultimately feel the same, but you’ve sometimes got to let them come to the answer rather than shoving it at them.

  13. Well, I guess that completes this survey: tattoos are ugly, ugly, ugly.

    Why the hell don’t the tattoo-ees see that? ….Lady in Red

  14. 6 years Navy, motorcycle “club” member, not a ‘joiner’, that’s what kept be from doing it.
    They expected it, nope, not gonna do what you expect.
    Patton rose to greatness doing what wasn’t expected.
    Wife has one, I don’t hold it against her, I hold her against me.

  15. Read the article. If the immune system is periodically re-attacking the ink, does that mean tattoos are kind of a perpetual immune stimulator, or a recurring burden or drain on the immune system?

  16. claudia and anniegirl……#metoo!!!!….lol

    got one just above my upper lip, courtesy of a little “unpleasantness” with a third grade classmate…she was aiming for my eye, but my new glasses saved my sight…..been expecting black witch hairs to grow out of it forever… far, i’ve lucked out….. 🙂

  17. Read the entire article. Take away?

    Tattoos activate your immune system.

    So… to stay healthy, you need tattoos.

    Excellent article.

  18. No tats on me….nor do I like them on a woman.

    You can’t improve on the God created beauty of woman.

  19. Whenever I see a woman with tattoos, my first thought is generally along the lines of, “you used to be cute, before you went and fucked yourself up like that.”

    Oh, and speaking as a pathologist…I’ve seen more than one instance of someone almost calling melanoma when it wasn’t there because of stray tattoo pigment.

  20. I ain’t Mr.Right or a ladies man.
    I am just barely average.I will not
    date or consider a relationship with
    a woman that has tat. ever!

  21. Lemming behavior, aggressively marketed to the weak minded by TV, advertising, “fashion” and Hollywood B listers.

    All part of the conscious media reprogramming to normalize skid-row behavior. TV is now mostly Pawn shop shows, rehab drama, unwed teenage moms, abandoned storage unit auctions, overcrowded housemate squabbles etc.
    Trailer trash lifestyle that would have been unimaginable not long ago.

  22. There’s a clever animated GIF of a hot girl with a tattoo that says “Foxy Lady” age-morphing over the years into “Sad Cow”.

    Hep C takes about 10-15 years to become symptomatic. By then the organ damage is already irreversible.

  23. Soooo … the simple fact that our skin is our first line of defense in a hostile universe is finally being noticed?

    Can this be attributed to President Trump, too?

    izlamo delenda est …


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