Your vagina may be depressed

Ladies – Is Your Vagina Down in the Dumps?

Wait, that’s a bad choice of words.

Is your vagina depressed?

The Sun-

From sexually transmitted infections to childbirth and unpleasant infections, surely your lady garden has enough to face?

But the idea of having a “depressed” va-jay-jay isn’t just something you see on the small screen (yes, Charlotte in Sex And The City complained to her gal pals of the very same thing).

It’s a real and very painful thing, known by its medical name vulvodynia, and it can affect women of all ages.

It causes a burning sensation down there, a stinging pain despite there being no sign of infection or skin condition.

The slightest touch, during sex or even when putting a tampon in, can cause a surge of pain.

And, for the women who suffer this long-term condition, it can prove so painful sex is firmly off the cards.

Dr Vanessa Mackay, a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told The Sun Online antidepressants have been shown to ease the condition.

Hence, where the idea of a “depressed” vagina comes from, she reveals.

Dr Mackay explained: “Vulvodynia is an unexplained pain in the vulva, the skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina.

“The exact cause of this condition is unknown, however, it’s thought to be the result of a problem with the nerves supplying the vulva.”


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18 Comments on Your vagina may be depressed

  1. You have go to be fucking kidding me.

    As a woman who has had all manner of itchy, scratchies, this is a new one.

    Can I get disability for this condition? (sarc)

  2. I wonder what kind of vaginal anti-depressant medication big pharma will come up with for this alleged disease. I would hate to have to write the commercial for this med.

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