“You’re a racist – you don’t like me because I’m white”

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  1. If you examine the leftist harassments of Kyle Rittenhouse it all came from “powerful white sources”. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYTIMES, FACEBOOK, PROGRESSIVE ENTERTAINMENT TV – all “white” owned and operated. All white supremist at their core being. All Democrat and Democrats own the legacy of racism. I don’t believe for a second that they have changed over time. They simply learned how to project it onto others and how to manipulate the stigma to control others.

  2. Oddly enough, racism – true racism – is more prevalent among negroes than caucusoids. Negroes can’t seem to extricate themselves from perceiving everything in terms of race, whereas caucusoids (now) see it as a peripheral issue.

    A strange reversal in the last 80 years, or so.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “Racist”!? Well… OK.

    Just don’t accuse me of being straight! Or NOT a pedophile! Because… um… ah…

    Gimme a minute… I’m thinkin’.

  4. I agree with anonymous. Brad? Mom is calling you up from the basement for your favorite, a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup!

  5. Done with this website. Used to be an avid reader and commenter, but I’m sick of the fucking popup ads about pills in the mouths of fat ugly women and all you never wanted to know about dental implants. Goodbye iotwreport.com

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