You’re all equally worthless

no lives matter

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  1. I knew I was in trouble the first night I got to Navy boot camp In San Diego back on Aug.31, 1972 when the first words that greeted us as we got of the bus that night was, “All right, you mother f’er’s get off that bus.” The first thought going through my mind was, “Oh shit, what have I got myself into.”

  2. Drill Instructors sure had a way with words, their actions backed it up.
    There were no educational or economic status, every new recruit was a scum sucking maggot, there were no white, brown or black “boots”, we were all O.D. Green.
    Harsh lessons learned and fond memories during the transition from maggots to Marines.

  3. My nephew who was a Navy Lt. JG once told his 2 younger brothers who were both Marine Corps. Corporals that the Marines were the Men’s Dept. of the Navy. I learned in the Navy not to mess with Seals, the Marines or their Corpsman. Semper Fi guys.

  4. Sgt. York;
    Now that right thar was funny.
    Couldn’t be further from the truth, but you knew that.

    In my day 1960’s and 70s those who didn’t want to serve their nation in a time of war were much more creative in their avoidance.
    Ask b. sanders, b. clinton, ayers, romney, biden and trump they’ll give you some pointers.

  5. My Marines use to love to say shit like….”Damn Doc, don’t it just piss you off that you joined the Navy so you wouldn’t get drafted and sent to Vietnam and then end up over here as one of us GRUNTS?”

    If I could I would do it all over again, a person sure grows up fast in combat.

  6. Corpsmen and medics were the best….still are.
    Nobody takes better care of the Marines than Corpsmen and Medics for the Soldiers. That’s a bond forged in shared struggles and comradery.

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