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You’re Being Arrested Because Your Indignation Exceeds Your Intelligence

The officer wasn’t excessive enough.

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  1. What an idiot.
    Then yelling, “In the name of Jesus”.
    One of those black chicks who’ve been convinced they’re “Queens” and have special privileges.
    She found out different.
    The cop was much more patient than I would be.

  2. He took way too long to gain control of that person. After the 3/4 time of her not complying I would have tased her wig off and stuffed her drooling mug in the car.

  3. Forget about math, science, English, and history; it’s a waste of time. Schools in “those areas” just need to concentrate on teaching “them” how to behave when the police question you. Somehow we all learned it growing up, they never did.

  4. Why did he let her reach into the car and retrieve an item? Wow, she could have pulled out a weapon!

  5. beachmom AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 8:41 AM

    “One of those black chicks who’ve been convinced they’re “Queens” and have special privileges.”

    …it’s very common in my factories for the young American Black women to wear shirts that read “Black Queen”, “Melanin Queen”, wordier options like “Black Queen, The Most Powerful Piece In The Game”, “Black Queen, Yes I’m Throwning Shade”, “My Crown Is Paid For, I Just Haven’t Put It On”, and even somewhat clever ones like “Melanin Monroe”.

    …The African Blacks, who come from Black run countries that are sometimes run by ACTUAL monarchies, do NOT dress like this. They generally dress like they fell into a Goodwill box and wore whatever stuck, except for the Black African Muslims who dress as traditionally as circumstances permit, although none here were the full niqāb (those folks probably don’t allow their women to work.

    …I suppose a monarchy works for you if you imagine yourself the queen of it.

    But folks who ACTUALLY have had the opportunity to live in one, seem to flee them at earliest opportunity…

    (side note: The Africans don’t seem to go for most of the other “Black Pride” type garb either. You know, “I Love My Black Skin”, “Black By Popular Demand”, “Powered By Melanin”, myriad Obama T-shirts and BLM T-shirts, things that appear regularly on the American Blacks. Again, seems like the African Blacks, having lived in countries that it wasn’t hard to go much of your life without seeing a White person, aren’t as fixiated on race as their vaugely descended American cousins, although I HAVE seen Africans wearing shirts that say things like “FUCK YOUR FEELINGS” from time to time…)

    …Richard Pryor once made a “Back To Africa” trip, and got some insight on how Africans view American Blacks…

    “RICHARD PRYOR: I went to Africa, man, and it was real fun in Africa being with black people who were different black people, you know. I was – I asked an African man – I asked him – I said, what tribe do I look like I came from? And he told me, Italian.”

    …all of this ignores the fact that even in African lands VERY FEW people are ACTUALLY Queens, and as the vast majority are peasants and to the extent American Blacks have slave ancestry they were descended from Blacks captured by OTHER Blacks and sold to Arabs who sold them to Whites, and so NONE of those folks were likely Kings and Queens who would typically be better protected, but keep dreaming that Wakandian dream there, Queenie, but in reality even without White people you’d be as much a Queen as Pedo Joe is a legitimate President, which it not at all.

    …in the meantime, your throne awaits.


  6. …Also, I saw a young Black American operator today wearing a BACK TO AFRICA T-Shirt, which was black with a large white African applique.

    Somolia was peeling off, leaving the horn of Africa waving in the breeze.

    I didn’t bother to mention to him how symbolic that could possibly be…

  7. Sign you ticket and move on……
    When you try to litigate your case on the street……
    You lose and the police always win.

  8. Being a white man, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been cuffed, forcefully, within seconds. Also, I would have had some knots and scrapes, and likely some charred flesh from a taser. I am sick of seeing these clips, at least one a week, where certain people are coddled way beyond what would be tolerated from me if I failed to comply with the cops.

  9. I’m going to buck the trend here but I think the cop was being a bit of a jerk for issuing the tickets in the first place. They were there getting a little lovin in. A simple order would have been more appropriate. After she refused to comply all bets were off though. The cop was lucky the man didn’t jump into the fray. He wouldn’t have been able o handle the two of them.

  10. SNS, in our area we have black people who are Americans and work and can not stand the Africans. We have been invaded by thousands of illegals from Africa here in Maine.
    They do look like they fell in a Goodwill box. They also try to cover the stench of their poor personal hygiene by dumping half a bottle of perfume over themselves every day.
    The first time they go into a store like Walmart they look stunned at the choices but quickly become accustomed to spending our sweet, sweet tax money that they are given.
    They allow their children to run wild wherever they go.
    The muslims walk in front of the women, when they allow them to go out.
    They are a different breed.
    We see it all here now.
    I don’t mind saying I do not like it one bit.

    We also have black who have moved here from NY and Boston and walk around like thugs. Pants hanging down, walking like they have a bad hip.

  11. I’m weighing in with Ohio Dan. Couple being romantic. Cop tells them you cannot be in the park. The guy was nice enough. Signed the ticket. Move on. Use some common sense. No big crime being committed here.
    I got caught by the cops in a park parking lot in the middle of the act in a convertible. Cops over the intercom said over the PA “when you’re done, please leave.” And they laughed.

  12. The whole incident could have been avoided if Queenie had just complied with Officer “Mr. Brooks”. Instead, the situation escalated from refusing to sign a ticket to resisting arrest.

    Unfortunately, this black officer will probably be reprimanded at the least. The left expects him to know better than to apply the law, if dealing with a protected class it’s assumed he’s a member of without exception.

  13. Queenie threw a convincing tantrum. She probably will get a settlement since this happened in a blue city. Hotlanta is a hot mess thanks to the left.

  14. beachmom
    AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 11:55 AM
    “They also try to cover the stench of their poor personal hygiene by dumping half a bottle of perfume over themselves every day.”

    …I notice that more among the -Muslim Africans, the Christian ones seem a little more informed on hygiene matters. I think it’s more because Islam since the worst example I ever smelled of this was an Egyptian that was visually Egyptian and not Black (no, Africanists, those are NOT the same thing), and he used the same office I thankfully didn’t spend much time in as me for a relatively short tenure. It’s like he KNEW funk was offensive to American noses but didn’t know what to do about it, so he’d pour five gallons or so of REALLY cheap aftershave or men’s colonge of some sort over himself to where it was REALLY cloying, I assume with his clothes on because it didn’t fade much as the day wore on, but it failed completely to cover the body stench. This left you with funk and colonge violently warring with each other for posession of your dazed nostrils, either of which would be sufficent to drive a skunk from any room, but together the clashing foetors probably violated the Geneva Convention on gas warfare.

    And you couldn’t say anything about it, because few things could get you fired faster than a butthurt foreigner kveching up a storm in HR, who would eagerly agree with ANYTHING just so he’d remove his malodorous self from THEIR environs and go gift their halitosis somewhere else.

    But I had some experience before with how to deal, partly from vomiting/shitting patients, but mostly from when I worked on cars. I always knew I was in for a treat if a Muslim name came up on the work order, and sometimes wouldn’t even close the car door as I brought it in while leaning out. Certain names would alert you that things were apt to be a bit whiffy, but nothing could prepare you for the miasma of an Arab stenchmobile that’s been baking in the sun all afternoon because when you opened the door you could almost SEE the wafture arrowing towards your nose, to colace inside your olfactory receptors like an angry genie disturbed from his thousand year rest, and you kind of expected unwary birds to drop straight out of the sky as well, it was so bad…

    …the trick is that your senses go through what’s known as “extinction”. If you’re exposed to noxious stimulus long enough and there’s no way to get relief, eventually a kindly God lets your body ignore it just like HE leaned to do long ago. The longer you avoid it, the worse it’ll be, so you have to breathe deeply, swallow your vomit, and tell yourself it’ll all be over soon…

  15. worked for one of the largest water/wastewater utility companies in the US. last 15 years spent in the main office building. had 10 elevators, from the 3rd sub-basement (2 levels of underground parking & utility floors) up to the 2 1/2 penthouse levels (utilities & microwave towers). the workforce was 45% black & 45% white w/ the other 10% mixed, mostly from India. if you got on an elevator w/ a black woman (or God forbid, a gaggle of them), you either held your breath or hit the elevator button for the next floor so you could evacuate immediately!

    between the hair spray, the pomades, the lotions, the lathered layers of ‘cologne’ to cover up the lack of bathing or showering, it was enough to gag a maggot on a gut-wagon

    (& I worked years in wastewater treatment plants & delivery stations & systems & it never affected me a quarter as much as that eye-watering, reflux gag-inducing stench did)

  16. Greatful the Islamic hygiene deficient refugees are not massive invaders in the Southern State where I reside. The South still is a Bible Belt region where cleanliness is next to godliness. Plus, not enough grifting government opportunities. Although there are lots of educated, groomed Muslims throughout the area working at universities and public schools. Secret members of sleeper cells, too.

    The state however is overrun by Hispanic illegals – although clean, polite mostly, they are master grifters. They are also known for committing drunk driving crimes, homicides, sex and drug offenses that rival American criminal perps.
    Surprisingly, the men in particular work, mainly construction. Lots of the Hispanic population own “tiendas” or stores that are used for all types of questionable transactions.
    Preferably, neither groups- Hispanic and other illegals or unvetted Muslim refugees should be in the U.S. but the latter are truly barbaric – in complete opposition to Western civilization and values.

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