You’re Looking At Happiness

ht/ unruly refugee

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  1. Watermelon juice being poured out of the ring after scooping and balling the pulp. Happiness – yes, all finished with the chore.

  2. Had a bunch of those a little passed noon on Jan. 20th this year.
    I’d have another surge if a bus load of cry baby, whinny, tantrum-throwing leftists disappeared.

  3. When Trump won the election last year, all the liberals’ myosin proteins grabbed their little endorphin buddies, dragged them screaming to the brain’s curb and cut their throats.

  4. From Luna’s link showing it animated.

    Cellfie via iPhone8 pts Feb 7 2016
    Incorrect. This is kinesin transporting vesicles with the use of ATP. The GIF is also pretty old. Stop posting incorrect bullshit


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