You’re My Best Friend!

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  1. Bottom left is me and Sasha!

    “Our” song is “I Only Want to Be with You” by Dusty Springfield.

  2. Pic 1: “Come on back into the hole babe, we’ll do it like squirrels.”
    Pic 5: “Hey I’m attracted to bears. I’ve known that I like bears since I was a very young chimp. You have a problem with that?”
    Pic 10: “And the lamb will lie down with the lion…er goat”
    Pic 11: “and the lion will lie down with the monkey”

  3. Thanks again, Claudia.
    My two cats, brother and sister Electra and Orestes (named by a home-schooled kid at the farm where I got them many years ago – she was studying Greek Mythology at the time) have recently decided they hate each other and the fur flies daily. Luckily, Orestes does not keep Electra away from the litter box.
    So, they would definitely not be in the best friend category.

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