You’re My Buddy

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1) Buster Brown (Ernie and Everett) Best Buddies.
2) Buster Brown (Friends) Starting at the top going clockwise Landon, Millie, Kippa, and Cassie.
3) Buster Brown (Raymond) leading his ducks.
4) NAAC (Kilo and Logan) Yin and Yang.

To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:


  1. A picture you/family/friend took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.
  2. ‘Critters’ in the subject line.
  3. Your screen name.
  4. Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).
  5. Comments about the critter you want to share.

If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.

  • 1-30, Groundhog Day – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON. – Let’s see pictures of your critters hiding from their shadow or peeking out to see if they can see their shadow!
  • 2-6, Lunchtime – snap pics of your critters eating, snacking, etc.
  • 2-13, Valentine’s Day – Your critters in love, showing you their love, you showing them your love with special treats or hugs.


15 Comments on You’re My Buddy

  1. Thank you Claudia. Happy Sunday iotwrs. Hope you all have a great week.

  2. NO, you’re my buddy! :>)

    Afternoon all.

    Cute doggies but the cats in the window looking out of the windows is always a fave.

    Raymond and his ducks ain’t too bad either. Actually quite funny!

    Thanks C!

    Have a great strong week.

  3. Great pet pics. They are to be loved and spoiled. That’s what they’re for and they love us back.

    Our pets do funny things that make us laugh and that makes life more enjoyable.


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