YouTube Blocks Channel That Documents When “White” Threatens or Attacks “Black”


Did YouTube block a chess channel over violation of community guideline and usage of racist language? Late last year, a YouTuber who produces popular chess videos found that his channel was blocked over charges of ‘harmful and dangerous’ content.

Even though the channel was restored within 24 hours, the YouTube did not explain why it had blocked Croatian chess player Antonio Radic, also known as ‘Agadmator,’ from its platform briefly, the Dailymail reported. More

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  1. Just a simple glitch folks.

    Little things like this won’t be issues by the time SkyNet becomes self aware. AI will treat all humans equally.


  2. I never liked Pig Latin, which worked on whole words. When I was a kid we spoke Double Dutch, which works on each syllable. You insert the sound IB (as in “vibe”) before each syllable’s vowel. “Al” becomes “Ibal”; “dumb” becomes “dibumb” and so on.

    I bet Pig Latin would be blocked by the Artificial Unintelligence filters, but I tend to think Diboubible Dibutch might pass right on through.

    It can quickly become quite incomprehensible to those who haven’t fooled around with it a bit. For example, the squatter in the White House is named Jiboe Bibidiben, and his puppeteer is Kibamibaliba Hibarribis.

  3. FB gave me thirty days off for telling a joke about immigration and Canadian food.

    Went like this. Food. We go for Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Soul and French foods. You’ll never hear anyone say hey guys, I could really go for some Canadian food. Let’s keep them out.

  4. Youtube is a waste of time for anything other than how-to videos on subjects that have no connection with politics. Total waste of time.

    Go to

  5. I had a short 15 second video on youtube of my one of my chickens chasing my pitbull around the backyard. There was no contact between them, it was cute friendly play. Youtube took it down for, in their words, “animal abuse.” Right after that I removed every single video
    and sent YT a message telling them to stick it, “now you won’t be making any advertising money off my videos. Accusing me of animal abuse, you worthless asshats.” Plus a few more choice words….

  6. Uncle Al: My parents used that until we kids figured it out. It became useful when my kids were young. Until they figured it out.

  7. Black pawns matter…priceless.

    The idea that an entire race of people who comprise 13% of our country need a high tech algorithm to protect them is in itself inherently racist progressive claptrap.

    Some glorious day black America will discover how the patronizing plantation politics of painting all blacks as hopeless co-dependents on liberal white largess (to redress social “injustice for them) will end.

    PDJT made a dent in the black voting monolith, but until they shake of their liberal masters they will never be free.

    Us Injuns from the Rez are poorer than average blacks because we told the white devils who wanted to own us to fuck off back in 1878….


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