YouTube Deemed This Video As Controversial… You Be The Judge.


14 Comments on YouTube Deemed This Video As Controversial… You Be The Judge.

  1. Well, yeah, it’s dangerous.

    People might start thinking of conservatives as good people and consider stop being a douche-bag lefty.

    Can’t have that.

  2. Hey, maybe because it was two lovely ladies of color and two lovely white ladies having lunch together? Can’t have that, it’s offensive!

  3. Looked like they met to conspire to overthrow the entire governmental system making it look like a simple luncheon date. Those sneaky rebels!

  4. That’s not even ‘thought control’. It’s like a bully pouncing on an ant to display hi/her/ci/cuz/whatever, dominance. Insignificant to the point of laughable.

    Has HRC used the, ‘The dog ate my campaign!’, excuse, yet? I lose track.

    It is really fun to watch the left implode, fingernails hanging on to any flotsam that is left of their cause. They circle the drain, soiling themselves. I love it. Going down!!

  5. that video contained way to much good will. If I want good will, I will go to the salvation army. Not you tube! Right on google. Destroying truth and good will everywhere. Fabulous legacy you are creating. Good work. Carry on! your future looks bright from here. You bunch of dipshits.

  6. The only things I can even remotely see in that video that would get a leftist thong in a wad was the ‘sisters from another mister’. Thought that was a clever counter to ‘brothers from another mother’. All in good fun. But that is thin, really thin.

    The other possibility is that Massa YouTube isn’t happy that these two refuse to abide by the left’s racist vision of how minorities are to behave to remain in Massa’s good graces. So Massa punishes them for straying from the plantation.

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