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YouTube Heroes Given Power to Censor At Will

In what appears to be an attempt to recruit voluntary censors, YouTube has rolled out what it is calling its “Heroes” program.  Those that participate remain unpaid, but are granted such perks as being able to “mass flag abusive content,” as they work their way up through the levels.


Note the Dislikes v. Likes of the introductory video to YouTube’s program that’s embedded in the article.

16 Comments on YouTube Heroes Given Power to Censor At Will

  1. Well–lets all sign up! I’ll censor videos that start with the letter “P” then perhaps videos with llamas or Mexican cooking videos. This could be fun.

  2. Tsunami – maybe we should begin referring to Obama’s October 1st capitulation of US internets control as SkyNet taking over.

  3. And SJWs will be the volunteers, resulting in anything even remotely considered conservative being banned, because you know damn well that YouTube will never accept anyone who leans to the right.

  4. Hell, sign up for the program and start flagging everything you see as abusive. Use different user names, phoney email and IP maskers and spend an hour or more a day making the site less and less usable and the ad revenue starts to dry up. You can be sure when that happens somebody will see a niche and launch a new app that replaces youtube. Then Google will have to write off the 1.65 billion they paid for it. It would take thousands of unpaid volunteers but it would be a shot across the bow of the progressive elitists who run the country now.

  5. Instead of complaining about liberals taking over another social media outlet, we can take it over.

    Here is the signup page:

    IOTW should start a campaign drive to sign up as many readers as possible. Change begins from within.

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