YouTube is Now Providing “Helpful” Links on Videos They Do Not Politically Approve Of

Michelle’s Big Beaver caught this. I’ve never seen it before.

This is a hilarious video featuring a Dan Pena Q&A where he gives a salty reply to a woman who thinks climate change is going to kill her children. (I recommend watching the clip, just to hear how leftists should be treated when they get on their soapbox.)

If you go to YouTube you will see this–.

The gray box redirects you to wikipedia. Wikipedia states the global warming is real, it is here, and people will die.

MBB says, “look at the Wiki-link under the actual vid. Youtube is now posting a link from Wikipedia about AGW (as if that gives credence to the pro-position.) I am sure that this is unsolicited.  We are losing ground in the media realm faster and faster every day.

Here’s YouTube’s explanation for the box-

According to YouTube, not believing in man-made global warming is the same as believing we went didn’t go to the moon.

11 Comments on YouTube is Now Providing “Helpful” Links on Videos They Do Not Politically Approve Of

  1. Wiki is generally written by fags, and dudes who don’t take baths too often, and live in mother’s basement.

    Take you AGW and shove it up your ass until you can see it in the mirror when you brush your teeth.

  2. Youtube obnoxious. Shocking.

    But great video! Hahahaha… The banks and builders aren’t doing mf’ing developments in the tundra!

  3. Love it!
    When Gore ran for president in 2000 he claimed a net worth of around $1 million. Now he’s worth more than $100 million and owns several enormous properties. Oh yes, Virginia, Global Warming is real…ly profitable for the people smart enough to build businesses on it.

  4. A friend tried to share this on FB and he got a pop-up saying “Before you share this content, you might want to know there is additional reporting on this from Science Feedback”

    Then a notice that pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will end up facing restrictions.

  5. Screw YouTube, that video was awesome! I never heard of Dan Pena before but he is my new idol. Way to tell it like it is.

  6. In the Local Paper this Morning, It mentioned that Monroe County

    (Florida Keys) is spending $1.7 Million on Sea Level Changes Studies

    (Global Warming)

    I’m in the wrong racket.

  7. I never heard of Dan Pena either, but he makes complete sense.
    I also never considered the banking aspect of Global Warming as well, but he’s right! Who would make a 30 year loan on something that may cease to exist in less time! Banks may well be the best barometer for this AGW Bullshit yet!

  8. If YouTube is providing commentary on videos, doesn’t the push them into the realm of a commentator or publisher instead of a public forum and therefore not subject to the protections afforded a public forum?

    Time for some discrimination lawsuits.


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