Youtuber Who Licked A Toilet Seat For The ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Tests Positive For Coronavirus

100%FedUp: A young man decided to take the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ that began when a young woman licked an airplane toilet seat (see below). He’s not the only one out there who is taking the challenge. Another guy filmed himself licking food on the shelves at a Walmart in Virginia (see below). He’s been arrested on a charge of terrorist threats. Idiots expose themselves in times of crisis…These guys are idiots.

Social media like Tik Tok isn’t good for people like these two. Are they so desperate for attention that they’ll do just about anything? Sure seems like it.

According to The Mirror, the guy in the video below has tested positive for the coronavirus after licking a toilet seat in a public bathroom. Disgusting…

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  1. …so, I’m confused. Is that a ‘win’ condition for The Challenge? Does he get double prizes for actually getting infected?

    And what does he win? It would have to be something GREAT, right? Right?

  2. The Apoplectic zombie toilet seat lickers will require the “Double Tap” if we’re to eliminate them!!

  3. SNS – He won the right to lick something else in prison… and from the looks of him, he’ll like it!

    Gee Wally, izzat a man bag he’s carrying?
    No Beave, that’s definitely a douche bag if I ever saw one!

  4. Anonymous
    MARCH 26, 2020 AT 8:04 AM
    “How do we know he actually tested positive?”

    …well, he tested positive for “stupid” when he DID it, what else even matters…

  5. Deplorable Second Class
    MARCH 26, 2020 AT 8:15 AM
    “The Apoplectic zombie toilet seat lickers will require the “Double Tap” if we’re to eliminate them!!”

    …but unlike traditional zombies, it does no good to shoot the Democrat kind in the head, ’cause there’s nothing important or even functional in there…

  6. In its favor a toilet is likely to be the cleanest place it’s tongue has been in the last five years

  7. I didn’t watch the disgusting video, but the way he is carrying his Nike gym bag purse in the freeze frame, shows he has probably acquired a taste for stuff that sticks to toilet seats.
    If AIDS is, in fact, an immune deficiency disease, wouldn’t it make these creatures who worship their sodomy, more susceptible to the virus?

  8. They shouldn’t waste a hospital bed on this idiot. Let him enjoy his “victory” from the comfort of his own home.

  9. I have posted in the past that progs are filthy and disgusting, and that those of you who have not been around them cannot imagine just how filthy and disgusting they are.

  10. Social media (Twitter, TikTok, Grindr, FB and the likes) are the worst inventions (albeit altruistic in intention) ever to advance mankind.

    I get it….their applications have been a greater good to link families, solve crimes, get the word out if you will. But generations who’ve been coddled and told they’re “special” just by their very existence….well these are dangerous tools in fools hands.

    These people expect their “15 minutes” will award them with notoriety and fame and it matters not to them if its negative. They’re empty vessels who can’t compete in the arena of good ideas or contributions to humanity, thus performing stupid human tricks suffices to feed their oversized egos.

    God help us. If ever the gene pool needed thinning, that time is now.

  11. And, since they vote based on their religion of homosexuality, they absolutely hate anything to do with our current president and vice president. Wife’s brother fits all the stereotypes. He’s a hairstylist. He and his partner adopted a little boy. Although he graduated from my southern Baptist church-based high school, he now considers Baptist and in general all Christianity as being the enemy and vows he will never vote for any Republican ever.

  12. Can you imagine any redneck saying ‘hold my beer’ to do this ‘challenge’?! Me neither.

    And the promoters of all things depraved portray us as the stoopit ones.

  13. Now let anyone challenge my assertion that the progressive movement does not relish their “homeless” pissing and shitting all over the sidewalks, parks and everywhere else that they can get to. They would live in a piss soaked and shit smeared environment and force others to live that way too if they had their way.

  14. If he really is infected he should get NO TREATMENT of any kind!!!!!!! His condition should be documented daily and put on youtube until he DIES. ACTIONS have consequences

  15. Just saw that some jerk went around coughing on fresh produce and the store had to throw out 35,000 dollars of produce.

  16. No doubt Darwin would be laughing himself to death if wasn’t already dead.
    2020 Darwin Awards! New Categories, new Stars!!!

  17. I don’t care how sick this moron gets, but how many innocent people did he infect before Covid became known to him. So sick of these self-involved imbeciles.

  18. A pathetic generation of liberals raised a monsterous generation of narcissiticts.

    Toilet-lickers: the flushable generation.

  19. Back when AIDS was a new thing, the Surgeon General, C.Everett Koop, addressed the subject on PBS (I think) and at the end of his discussion he took questions from callers. The following exchange is, if not word-for-word, pretty damn close.
    Caller: So if I go into a public restroom and lick a wet toilet seat, can I get AIDS?
    Koop: (without any hesitation) If you do that, you deserve whatever you get.

  20. Dude licks toilet seats just to discern who’s been using them.
    The “challenge” is bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …


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