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YouTube’s Latest Fascist Move: Removing Historical Content On Nazis

It seems ironic now that George Orwell’s masterwork “1984” has been celebrated this week for turning 70, when YouTube has been busy censoring content the social media giant has deemed offensive. Dubbed “VoxAdpocalypse” after Vox media personality, Carlos Maza, call for the total removal of Steven Crowder’s channel over perceived slights, the purge quickly spread and has affected other none related content providers.

Among those having their posts removed are actual history teachers providing standard lessons on the Nazi era. In what appears to be a complete lack  of awareness, YouTube’s censorship of these important materials on totalitarian regimes smacks of the fascism the company purportedly is trying to protect the public from ever learning. More

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  1. Exactly why recognizing and exposing the current democrat party as the Nazis they are is how President Trump Saved America and is Making America Great Again and will still be Keeping America Great in 2025.

  2. Grool – They’d get the Arabs to finance it!

    This smells like arab money and influence. There ain’t a nickel’s worth of difference between Nazis of old and muzlims with their religious supremacy denying that the Holocaust ever happened. That’s why they were allies 75 years ago.

  3. @TRF JUNE 9, 2019 AT 2:26 PM

    Study history and you find that the progressive movement was all in with Hitler throughout his rise and as National Socialism consolidated its power in the 1930s

  4. Churchill’s warnings about Germany prior to WWI, and Nazis before WWII were prescient. Though he was forced to work with Stalin, he had no illusions about communism and he despised the socialists in Parliament. He saw the Cold War coming, and fought to prevent Russia’s expansion in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
    England sure has slipped since then.
    He had no love for Moslems and would be mortified to see them infesting his island.

  5. Interesting how the ones who created the technological genre wind up being too immature to operate it.


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