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You’ve Been Kidnapped

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  1. I shouldn’t keep skipping over the A Team when I see it on. I’d pity the fool that kidnapped me.

  2. I watched Police Squad on YouTube recently, so I suppose Frank Drebin and Ed Hocken.

  3. RogerF
    OCTOBER 5, 2022 AT 12:52 PM
    “Dang SNS, we watch the same shows 🙂”

    …”Gunsmoke” got into WAY heavier topics than I remembered as a kid on rewatching as an adult. Lots more grey areas in administering “justice” than people like to think about to this day.

    Favorite line: Doc and a female companion are kidnapped and Doc is made to attend a bad guy at a large lawless place his dad controls. One thing leads to another and a bad guy rapes his lady friend, to which Doc says “I’m going to kill you”. Fast foreward towards the end of the episode when a Matt Dillion in disguise kicked the rapists’ ass for unrelated reasons and walks away as the bad guy draws on his unaware back, suddely a shot rings out and bad guy falls dead. Camera follows Dillons’ surprised gaze to where Doc is standing, rifle still in hand.

    Then Doc throws it aside, and says, “I TOLD him I would kill him!”.


    Old shows were good like that.

    Better than I remember.

    And freaking Shakespeare compared to modern programs…

  4. The characters from Le Brea.
    Heaven help me, these guys and gals are lost in time and space and can’t even help themselves.

  5. It was last Wednesday. The last person I saw was some lunatic reporter for the Weather Channel struggling not to be blown into the next county as he tried to tell us that the wind was blowing hard.

  6. SNS: You should listen to the radio shows of Gunsmoke. Some of the early one got pretty dark — or as dark as they could in the 1950’s. Not that it involved violence, but the episode where Matt takes Kitty to a town dance is something.

    I can’t think of the last TV show I watched, but the last movie I watched was Twelve O’clock High. So with the 918th Bomber Group coming to save me I don’t have anything to worry about.

  7. I was flipping back and forth between channels.
    I will either have
    Ma and Pa Ingalls
    The Waltons
    or, those ditzy broads from The Golden Girls.

  8. The Barkleys (Nick, Heath and Jared) from Stockton CA
    (The Big Valley-first season episodes are available on YouTube)

  9. Wiredog1837
    OCTOBER 5, 2022 AT 4:55 PM
    “Nandar the relentless”

    …no worries then.

    …as long as Guillermo de la Cruz is with him, that is…

  10. Woo-hoo, I’m rescued!
    I introduced my sister to Bosch.
    Harry Bosch & J Edgar are gonna save me!

  11. Jamie Davis in “Highway through Hell” on some evenings on Weather Channel. Or his competitor Al Quiring same series.

  12. Greg Gutfield and crew.

    At least one of them is scary.

    The others are like a traveling USO group – one is funny, a couple of others are easy on the eyes, and the rest can distract them with questions no one cares about while I get rescued.

    yeah, yeah, not a TV show that the question meant, but it’s as close as I can come in the last several years. Otherwise I’d have to go way back to something like The Big Bang Theory. Hoo boy! No trust with them pulling it off.

  13. Rebeca Sharp Crawleys from Vanity Fair. I’m screwed unless I had money stuffed in my underwear. She was was the role model for Hillary Clinton only MUCH better looking.

  14. I’ve got a very disturbed looking Mike Rowe and some slightly-lighter-than-a-moment-ago sheep on the way.


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