Yovanovitch Admits Burisma Probe Was Open when Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor


Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, one of the star witnesses of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, on Friday undercut the defense Joe Biden and his allies have been making about the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Yovanovitch, a self-described anti-corruption expert who most recently served as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine between 2016-2019, told the House Intelligence Committee there was an open probe into Burisma Holdings when Joe Biden demanded the firing.

Burisma, which is Ukraine’s only private oil conglomerate and until recently counted Hunter Biden among its board of directors, is central to the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Democrats have argued Trump’s suggestion that the Ukrainian government investigate the company and its ties to the younger Biden amount to an impeachable offense.

During Friday’s hearing, Yovanovitch was questioned about the allegations of public corruption that have dogged Burisma and its leadership since the early-2010s. In particular, she was asked about the status of a corruption probe Ukraine had into Burisma when Joe Biden pushed for the ouster of Viktor Shokin, the country’s prosecutor general, in 2016.

“It wasn’t an active case, but it also was not fully closed,” the former ambassador testified, before elaborating that at the time the Ukrainian government was opting to keep a “hook” into Burisma and its founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

Yovanovitch’s admission that Shokin was looking for a “hook” with which to prosecute Burisma and Zlocvesky undermines a central argument Joe Biden has made to defend his conduct. Since the story became central to the impeachment inquiry, the former vice president and his allies have tried to argue that Shokin’s investigation into Burisma was dormant at the time of his firing and therefore his ouster actually improved the chances that the company would face stricter scrutiny. read more

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  1. If I’m ever fired for insubordination, I expect to get a hearing before Congress and a sweet sweet GoFundMe payout.

    This witch is just following suit, it worked for McCabe, Comey and Strozk. All were compensated handsomely for their efforts.

  2. Yea, but Joe has a Muslim friend named ‘Ali-bye’ he was waiting in line with to get Dokken Reunion tour tickets,,, take dat all you smote guys!

  3. …tell me again why WE’RE still on DEFENSE and THEY’RE still on OFFENSE?

    …there’s TONS of evidence of EVERY wrongdoing Democrats have brought up, and it’s ALL against DEMOCRATS!

    …WHO or WHAT are we AFRAID of? Even Hillary can’t get us ALL…

  4. “…tell me again why WE’RE still on DEFENSE and THEY’RE still on OFFENSE?”

    Because they know how to fight and we don’t.

  5. Hillary is busy, busy. She has no time to worry about snuffing “Little People”. Little people are just mosquitos in her sphere of influence…. don’t swat’em one at a time, poison’em all at once.

  6. What this has demonstrated is that democRATs have waaaaay too much power and control when they and their complicit, bought&paid for, knee-pad Media can totally dominate the “news” by running a three-year long baseless vendetta against a duly elected President! They just keep rolling from one phony, fabricated charge to the next! For three years we have put up with these Third World stunts as a complete waste of our tax dollars. This, my friends, is the face of Communism and the only way to escape from it is to vote democRATs OUT of office! Pray for a total landslide next year!

  7. No one in Washington has the slightest fear of prosecution or defeat in an election. Until voters understand they will continue to lighten our wallets with well hidden crimes.


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