Yovanovitch retires from State Department: reports

The Hill: Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who has been at the center of President Trump’s impeachment inquiry, is retiring from her role in the State Department, according to multiple reports. 

SNIP: You can read the story at the link but be warned, they’re very pro-swamp about it.

18 Comments on Yovanovitch retires from State Department: reports

  1. I am personally offended to have to pay her a pension….I think she should be cut loose to fend for herself…..

  2. I guess that hour a day or week teaching a class, can’t remember now what she said, was too much work for her. Can’t make any money from liberal college kids, much more money to be had sharing in the kickbacks given to the swamp after they vote to “give” it to foreign countries.

  3. Retired? Is that govt classification for kicked to the curb?
    How can one retire having never worked a productive 40 hr week?
    Nay, federal employees never retire, they just continue collecting a big fat pension from home.

  4. Personally, I don’t know why the Ukraine President does not walk into that hearing un-announced, walk up to the mike, in 2 min clear Trump and walk out.

    It would really make them look stupid, but alas, he has to hedge his bets should the democrats get in within the next 3 terms.

  5. It’s a lateral move, she’ll continue her work for George Soros only now with her time completely devoted to it while drawing a fat government pension.

  6. Pretty sure she stole enough out of Ukraine that she’ll never have to work again.
    Again? Scuse me – she’ll continue to NOT work.
    A fukkin slug who’s never done an honest day of work in her(?) entire life.

    Take your pension, take your ill-gotten booty, and be off with you – in a just world you’d be cooling your heels in prison after everything you owned was confiscated.

    izlamo delenda est …


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