Yves Saint Laurent Sullies Brand With Line of Penis Jewelry

What is the message, as a woman, that you are trying to send by wearing multiple dicks?

ht/ js

27 Comments on Yves Saint Laurent Sullies Brand With Line of Penis Jewelry

  1. never fear..
    a dick in your ear..
    said barnacle Bill the sailor…
    Who’s that knockin’ at your door..
    you fucking whore…
    said barnacle Bill the sailor….
    I’ll take out my cock and break off the lock…
    said barnacle Bill the sailor….

    could be continued….

  2. Looking at the angle of the dangle on that bangle, and the fact that for Liberal “men” they’re actual size, I predict a small market that will shrink to nothing over time.

  3. Pretty erect for hanging d!cks…and swinging around…?!
    Mixed message, at best.

    I’ll wait for the Pussy D!ck Hats…
    …or, being in Florida, the D!ck Snorkels and Umbrella Drink Straws.

  4. Dear Vagenda,
    thank you for your kind support. However…..no.
    On so many levels.

    Sincerly yours,
    The Patriarchy

  5. Looking at the pic, they have black crud smoldering around the shamed hanging head. Anatomically correct with disease for liberal dicks?

  6. Al

    Not to mention they’d make some great tree decorations. Especially if the tip had a red light in it. How Festive.


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