Zinke Says Cost Of Fending Off ‘False Allegations’ Prompted Resignation

Daily Caller: Outgoing Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke claims that costs associated with defending himself and his family from “false allegations” prompted his decision Saturday morning to resign.

“I love working for the President and am incredibly proud of all the good work we’ve accomplished together. However, after 30 years of public service, I cannot justify spending thousands of dollars defending myself and my family against false allegations,” Zinke wrote on Twitter following news of his resignation.

Reports about Zinke’s travel spending, political activity and decisions as interior secretary have roiled the Trump administration throughout the last six months. The Office of Special Counsel and the DOI inspector general have investigated him at least 15 times. The same two watchdogs investigated the four prior DOI secretaries a total of 11 times.


3 Comments on Zinke Says Cost Of Fending Off ‘False Allegations’ Prompted Resignation

  1. I hope there is a legal way for President Trump to compensate these victims of the left for their out of pocket expenses. This shit has to stop.

  2. I read through the so called ethics violations against this guy.

    Out of all of them, there was only one that might actually be one, and even though we would need to know more to actually tell if it was an ethics thing.

    Most commonly were situations like this:
    His staff told him to do one thing and he did something else after talking to someone in industry.

    That is not an ethics violation. He is the decision maker and if he thinks the side being represented by industry makes a better case than the people in his dept that hate industry, then he can make a the decision in favor of industry if he wants.

    To chalk this kind of shit up as an ethics violation to be investigated is why the deep state are filthy fucking whores.

    But you know who i blame? Paul Ryan.
    Congress has oversight over these agencies and they could nip this shit in the bud, but they don’t.

    Republicans like Paul Ryan are even worse than the filthy fucking whores in the deep state. (yes, i know, we could say that Ryan is a deep stater, too. Just sayin.


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