Zombie-Based Learning Gets Out of Control

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is a new approach to learning coming out of Seattle, Washington. But in Minnesota, a teacher took things too far by assigning students to select three people to eat and explain why they would be the best choice.

The Zombie-Based Learning official website Here 

Minnesota zombie assignment Here

The good news  is Zombie-based learning is common core compliant.


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  1. That picture is from Olympic National Park south of Port Angeles…, but maybe it is the presence of so many zombies in that town that makes it ripe for the eating.

  2. With all the marxism, socialism, rewritten history, one world government, transgender, gay, anal sex, sexuality garbage, new math and white guilt taught in Public Schools.

    It amazes me parents still allow their children to be indoctrinated in government schools.

    I guess it’s a lot easier than taking responsibility for what your child is taught.

    Christian Schools and Home School are significantly better than Public Schools in every way.

  3. I wouldn’t want to eat anybody I’d consider wholesome enough to be edible. However, there are an awful lot of people who deserve to be eaten slowly by each other or by thousands of maggots. But I repeat myself.

  4. Jeez. What’s the big deal? They’re just preparing young mush minds for the decision-making process of who to sacrifice “for the good of the group”. Man. Next thing you know, that teacher will be accused of being a commie or something.


    ~Nobody was instructed on how to commit murder. CHOOSE 3 people and WHY, not HOW. (read the directions stupid parents!)

    ~Teachers can put their own spin on lesson plans to make it a little edgy. This was VERY innocent, and teachers CONTRIBUTE TO REFINING LESSON PLANS BY FIGURING OUT WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T. How else are you going to know if you don’t experiment a little? Mistakes are part of the process, calm the fuck down!

    ~Being selected is not the worst thing. Being picked last in gym class is far worse, and kids survive it pretty well.

    ~Administration is too cowardly to tell the ❄️ SNOWFLAKES ❄️ to just hang up and go back to work. The kids can handle it.

    ~“We do not sacrifice others to save ourselves.” -Ya dumb bitch, of course you do! It’s zombie survival training! You can just hear the shrillness in her voice can’t you?

    ~Clucking hens on facebook is now WORSE than the clucking hens at the Parent / Teacher Organization. Nothing but trouble.

    ~This is why teachers need UNION PROTECTION. Every FREAK OUT results in “marking time” administrators firing people just to get some peace. Principal’s only have stiff spines when it comes to Christmas trees, prayer, and kicking out the Boy Scouts.

    ~This is a big NOTHING BURGER. Stupid parents just want attention and see how far their nagging will get them. [adult brats]

    Your take away:
    Mistakes are part of the process, calm the fuck down!

  6. QUICK FACTS: (*info from the school website)

    🔸 Where?: Parkers Prairie Public High School
    🔸 Web Address: http://www.isd547.com/
    🔸 Principal: Carey Johnson (female)
    🔸 Principal email: cjohnson@pp.k12.mn.us
    🔸 Who made the lesson plan?: Washington state teacher David Hunter
    🔸 Who conducted the controversial plan?: William Grieger
    🔸 What’s his email?: wgrieger@pp.k12.mn.us
    🔸 What % is the H.S. staff women?: 28/40 = 70% (sexist)
    🔸 What’s the problem: Mr. Grieger had the audacity to alter a lesson plan that made the parents (not students) snowflake all over hell.
    🔸 Can I send some of these people an email anonymously?: Yes, there are many disposable email systems out there. One is Guerrilla Mail.
    🔸 Someone in my family is considering becoming a teacher. Is that a good idea?: No.

  7. And they call us nuts !
    This Zombie thing may be a subliminal Liberal response to the Global Fear of Disaster. We build Underground and they haven’t thought that far into it, so they are just gonna Beat those Darned Mutants with superior strategy and Intellect until becoming Mutants themselves !!!

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