Zuckerberg Group: 700K American Job Openings If DACA Ends [JEB! Hardest hit]

Breitbart: A study by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s open borders organization revealed that if an Obama-created amnesty program for young illegal aliens is ended, it would open nearly 700,000 American jobs.

Zuckerberg’s FWD.us group – a pro-immigration lobbying group – released the study with the intention to show the hardships of ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, where more than 850,000 young illegal aliens have been given temporary amnesty would have on the American economy.

The study unintentionally revealed how many more job opportunities American workers would have if President Trump were to repeal DACA, as he promised his supporters he would do.

According to the FWD.us study, if DACA is repealed it would mean potentially 700,000 American jobs could open up for American citizens.

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  1. Well second hardest hit has to be Little Marco. If you haven’t been paying attention he’s pushing for shipping in all of Venezuela. Only the hot women Little Marco. Well judge them yes or no.

  2. Yeb! so desperately wants to be a hi-spanic as a self-hating cuckwit, but can’t stand in the sun long enough or his glasses will ignite his face.

  3. Remember When Obummer Started This Crap, The Dem’s Studies Tried to Show How We Would’nt Lose Too Many American Job’s. Now I’m Hearing These Huge Numbers,
    and The Lib’s are Acting Like it’s The End of the World if We Get The Job’s Back !!! Hippocrit Lying Lib’s

  4. My econ teacher many years ago in business school mentioned that ‘trade deficit’ used to be called the trade surplus. Obviously we can afford to import more than we export – that just shows how wealthy we are as a nation. Then somebody decided that we shouldn’t lord it over other countries, so now we call it a deficit and worry about it being too high as if it hurts us.

  5. I’m sure he used all his Fakebook numbers to come up with this bullshit, we all know that Fakebook is as reliable as See Ennn Ennn.

  6. Poor Yeb, every day seems to bring more exposure to the depths of his stupidity. The consequences of elitist inbreeding is strong with this one.

  7. I tried to figure out what “FWD.us” stood for. Their site only claims “FWD.us was founded by leaders in the technology community to give our values a voice in American politics”. The “.us” means “in the United States”. Maybe “FWD” means “For White Dudes”?

  8. president Trump is not going to repeal DACA but simply let Obozo’s unconstitutional executive order lapse. There will probably be something done to protect law abiding people who were brought here as children from deportation. but as a whole what’s the down side. Increased employment for Americans?

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