Zuckerberg Spends Millions a Year on Personal Security

God forbid a regular schlub spend a grand or two on their own personal security, aka concealed carry.

This is what these dopes, surrounded by their armed goons, don’t realize. Regular folk face danger as much as they do, and their lives MATTER as much as anyone’s.

Why doesn’t Suckaturd simply rely on calling the cops if something goes down?


15 Comments on Zuckerberg Spends Millions a Year on Personal Security

  1. Eventually somebody going to find out if he’s getting what he’s paying for, he’s made to many enemies.

  2. Don’t shoot Zuck. Shoot the guards. After awhile, no one will want to guard him. Leave him in quivering fear.

  3. I think all these meme’s are going to drive him to the spray-on tanning bed. Saw a black news guy the other day with Cheeto face and hands. Trump is winning.

  4. We need at least 2 more Charlie Mansons and 2 more Iranian peta Youboob psychos to be turned loose in Califucktard. The new Mansons should be ex military ordinance experts.

  5. Maybe his security team carries (only) rubber batons? Feather dusters?

    A $Gazillinaire maggot wouldn’t be a fukkin hypocrite, now would he?

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Those bodyguards are stooping pretty low to make a buck. They’d show more self respect if they were taking it in the can at 20.00 dollars a pop down some inner city alley.

  7. Woulda been a good line of questioning last week when the Zuck was being grilled in Congress.
    Do you have security? Yes.
    Is your security armed? Yes.
    Please explain why you are permitted to have armed personal protection but you tend to want to suppress others from securing their own protection.


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