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The original core: Irony Curtain, Mr. Pinko, Hippie Critic, Admin Girl, BFH

It was originally an e-mail ring where a dozen or so guys, and one girl, Admin Girl, would participate in trying to crack each other up. It got so weirdly creative and funny that someone suggested that a blog should somehow emerge from it all. The guys knew nothing about blogs. Admin Girl did. She was a blogger before they were called blogs, covering the LA club circuit.

One day Irony Curtain surprised everyone with a Barack Obama book cover parody. He submitted it to one of their favorite blogs, The People’s Cube, and like magic it appeared on the site. They were fascinated. Hippie Critic and BFH wanted to play too, so they submitted some stuff and, again, like sorcery, it appeared on the site.

Irony, Hippie and BFH submitted so much stuff they cordoned off a section for them called The KG3. While this was going on, Admin Girl was busy working on a site of their own – iOwnTheWorld.com.

They officially launched the site on Barack Obama’s inauguration day in 2009, and the core five are pictured above.

The first add-on contributor to the core was Lori Ziganto, aka: Snark and Boobs, currently an editor at Twitchy. Then came Ginger, The Tamminator,  Menderman and Melodee.

illustr8r was added as a contributor after illustrating some of her winning entries for some of iOwnTheWorld’s frequent contests.

Claudia was added after a long string of successful e-mail submissions, as was Dr. Tar.

Cardigan was permanently added after doing yeoman’s work filling in for BFH when he had some surgery a few years back.

iOTWreport.com was born from these beginnings.


The following bios were written by the contributors themselves-

Admin Girl- Admin Girl, Kerre, passed away this year (2016.) She will always be missed, never forgotten.

BFH- BFH attended art college in NYC and managed to remain heterosexual. Despite this handicap he produced thousands of illustrations, one of them actually sold. Bored with his stress-reducing hobby, reassembling fruit cocktail, BFH bought a computer. This is the result. He’s been creating mirth and dismerriment for the disgruntled dissenters since Obama took office. 

MJA- A linguistic genius by the age of  2 1/4.  I spoke 3 1/2 languages as a child, and then dropped 2 1/2 of them by the age of 11 1/3.  Anyway, I’m only here because I answered an email which was not intended for me. And now they can’t get rid of me. [Suckaz!] Also, I like cupcakes, glitter, flowers, cupcakes, sarcasm, puppies, cute shoes, sun shiny days and all that other girly crap.  Love, MJA.

Claudia- Born and raised in the Midwest to a somewhat normal family – conservative, Christian, hardworking. Enjoy learning, travel, critters, writing, art, laughing. Tend to be quiet but hell-fire can erupt when needed. More hell-fire in the last 6 years than I care to admit. My super-power would be to expose evil by forcing the truth from those who seek to hide.

Dr. Tar- Created in 2009, Dr. Tar, is a pseudonym based on the Edgar Allen Poe story and Alan Parson’s Project song, “The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.”  

Originally it was intended as a play on words for what Dr. Tar wanted done to Barack Obama  (and all socialists in general.) After having found iOwnTheWorld, via The People’s Cube, Dr. Tar became a regular in the Comments and the Bullpen. In 2013, Dr. Tar was allowed the privilege of posting to the main page where he continues to try and post material of the same high quality that is hallmark of iOTWreport.

Tar is a former academic (terminal degree Ph.D. International Business, minor Finance) who taught for 15 years before tiring of the increasingly stressful and less innovative environment.  He is currently  procrastinating his way through his first novel about a possible near future where big government control has forced medical professionals into a Prohibition Era like existence. He currently resides in Wisconsin’s 7th District where one only has to put up with winter in order to be rewarded with 9 months of enjoyable weather (and even winter has its moments).

illustr8r-  Originally from the MidWest, illustr8r lives and draws things for kids quietly from a nice spot on the too lefty Left Coast. Given access to Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Machine, illustr8r would have pitched boxes of tea into Boston Harbor, compiled a sketchbook of plants with the Corp of Discovery and attended the Howard Pyle School of Illustration Art.

Irony Curtain-  It all started in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California.

Well..hardly. More like a real big city on the east coast in a neighborhood you’d need a bazooka to walk through with today. 

One day, a man appeared to him on a flaming pie and declared, “You are Irony with an I” and that was that, or so it seemed. But to the man’s astonishment, young Irony whipped out a pencil and quickly drew a very unflattering caricature of the man. Instead of being shunned, Irony was instantly surrounded by admiring well wishers who didn’t care for the flaming pie guy in the first place.

Years later Irony would team up with BFH, And Hippie Critic as secret members of the Art School Resistance and a movement was born. He’s still not sure where Mr. Pinko came from.

Mr. Pinko-  making Liberal heads explode one empty skull at a time.

I thought I was fired.

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  1. Fur, I just set you up for a hundred bucks a month. It’s what I can do.

    Thank you for being here.

  2. Thank you all for sharing your history. Cheers to a continued enlightening and healthy future together.

  3. From The Resistance down here Texas way, I offer the following coded message:


    Key Phrase: “John Prine is from Maywood, Illinois.”

  4. Hmmmm. From a “senior” very. So this is a “blog” I might get addicted

  5. Welcome aboard.
    For many, this becomes more than addictive. It becomes their shadow family.

  6. HRC scratch her nose/face

    Why did HRC scratch her nose/face several times when DJT was putting the heat on her? Was that a hint to Lester Holt to move on? Is it a new tick or a signal to someone?

  7. Yep! New convert here since last week. You’re in my morning news feed with Drudge and American Thinker. Thanks!

  8. wtf is going on with the changed format for this site?? I can barely read it as it oscillates up and down constantly, gives me a headache to try

  9. The November 2016 Message after the election: The Chair Is Against The Wall, The Chair Is Against The Wall. John Has A long Mustache, John Has A long Mustache……

  10. Your article about Hillary Clinton being the devil to the Catholic Church refers to “satin” I think you mean “Satan” Please proof read.

  11. E Smiley- If you had paid proper attention you would have realized It is an American Mirror article. We don’t edit others’ work.
    Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

  12. I found the iotwreport.com via a facebook page from Andy Garcia that has since been taking down. Love love love the photos , have never seen such pleasure in my life. I’m living in swfl amongst the restaurant working class since 2010. Came down from CT. I heard stories from co workers who came in this country illegally. One from a girl who entered in thru CA and made it to Naples to marry the owner of a potato farm. He was 80 years old and she got impregnated with his sperm before he died. She had twins and received his social security for them til they turned 18 for their college fund. The other worker in 2008 during the first time home buyers rebate of 8,000 had taken part in a scheme to rip off our government. Her friend worked in reality and processed false paperwork to obtain 8,000 for each remittance. The girl was beginning to freak out when she would go to the atm to withdrawal her 4,000 share and the bank started requiring her to go inside to withdrawal. That is why i am so glad Trump has (as one of your illustrations shows) take the wheel back. Thank you so much. I’m working at a big box warehouse now but if i ever get rich or real money making jobs come back i will donate.

  13. This is my first experience with iOTWreport and after spending 2 hours,and already posting 3 – 4 comments, you can probably see – I am absolutely hooked. I managed to land here after tapping a link to your site posted at Western Rifle Shooters Association. This is fun, refreshing and I will be donating as this is one of the few sites that does not have an overwhelming number of annoying pop-ups…De Oppresso Liber….

  14. I didn’t know you existed until I got a pingback about my American Thinker piece on Fake News. Now I’m laughing so hard I can’t get back to my other tasks. Bravo!

  15. ymouszanon—-

    Seems as though your Synaptic Diahrhea has been contagious

    if you want to really deal with it, it is caused by an excess of fecal matter in the brain cavity

    drilling holes in the head only spreads it

    Best solution also alleviates the progressive problems of Warmth and excess people, BagTheHead.

  16. Forgive my more formal literary style—I was born the year USA sank the last Japanese aircraft carrier, and am hopelessly conditioned in the attitudes the ‘Builders’—you know, those who Actually defeated real National Socialists—instilled in me as I worked with them in the 50’s and 60’s.

    Am also an expert in ‘ancient’ history.

    L00king 4wrd to mophun!!!

  17. BFH, I found a few extra farthings. They are coming your way monthly. Sorry it could’t be more.
    Please keep it up!

  18. Is it possible for me to submit an oped piece?

  19. Hey … I like this place. First time here.
    To quote my favorite movie actor “I’ll be back”

  20. Oh, dear!… I hope ymouszanon found his meds…

    I wonder if he (or she, come to think of it) is any relation to Mr. Mxyzptlk? Nah; too many vowels in ymouszanon.

  21. First Stop on my daily trek; Quite often the Only Stop.

    Thank You for All You Do!

  22. Looks like you are hacked by the left. Every time you enter a story or advance to the next page, the last page will automatically change to a “Vote for Michelle Obama” campaign poll and web site.

  23. Somebody make a mayor butt-guy pic of him doing the got milk thing.

    it would be hilarious.

  24. Make them take the adjacent blue, blue counties in MD and VA as part of the deal. Both states then go RED and we get two and they get one.

  25. I discovered iotwr through American Thinker…Either a Story by Dr. Tar or Mr

    Pinko. I remember Them saying “I always stop buy to get a laugh from BFH”

    So I did….I just don’t remember when…2014 or 2012? Been a good ride.

    I still share My favorite BFH Meme “Biden going Surfing with Ironing Board”

  26. I was born to an upper middle class family in New York City-read:most of my family were Democrats. I was forced to attend my local middle school and blacks were bused in-if you think they are entitled and abusive now-they were exactlyt the same then. I became a conservative at 12. I was the only one in myb school who did not think it was ok for blacks to be abusive and threaten pretty white girls like me just because MAYBE soimewhere in the duistant past their parents experienced racism. Here we are 30 years later and they are now terrorists because idiot Democrats feel sorry for something that was based on LABOUR-slavery not race. WHO do you think built the fcuking Great Wall and the Pyramids in Giza-hint it was not sub-Saharan blacks. If American blacks were not inbred perhpas they could uinderstand that they are not the center of the world and this world is based on money NOT RACE. But since they are incapable of buying a dictionary and reading books and can only watch tv and listen to their professors who are a bunch of idiots now that all the intellectuals have been cancelled, they will never understand the truth that all civilizations had slaves and actually the worst slave trade was done by North Africans it was so bad it is called the BARBARY slave trade since they CASTRATED THE SOUTHERN EUROPEANS they kidnapped and enslaved. Yeahl-FYI_idiot blm psychos. I am probably the only intelligent person from my school who will not kiss the asses of these monsters. At 12 a black guy pulled my hair and snapped my neck back-he put his hands on me because he felt entitled. I said goodbyew to the US over a decade ago in my late 20s because it was no longer safe for a white woman to live in the NE. I was physically ayttacked by a shebeast and in grad school accused of a hate crime because i told the lazy affirmative action hire obese incompetent in the bursar’s office that she was a lazy black bitch. I weigh 120 lbs at 5’7 she weighed 320. Yeah, hate crime. I realized I was too intelligent for America and I finished my PhD in ANOTHER LANGUAGE in Europe. I appreciate your efforts with this website but I really want the Michigan militia I heard about as a little kid or the KKK or some other white militia from the middle of nowhere America to take BLM out. Otherwise we have lost the country. I am a European citizen from birth THANK GOD via my grandfather and so I am not coming back to the violent cess pool that used to be my country. I am praying that all those groups we were told in New York were evil when we were little get together and take BLM out. It is 12 percent against 88.


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