Michelle Obama To Release Memoir in November

February 25, 2018 BFH 8

It’s called Becoming. Becoming? becoming |biˈkəmiNG| adjective (esp. of clothing) flattering a person’s appearance: what a becoming dress! | New beret? It’s very becoming. No, that can’t be it. become |biˈkəm| verb (becomes, becoming; past became; past participle become) 1 [ no obj., with complement [Read More]

Democrat Party Needs A New Mascot

February 25, 2018 BFH 47

Yes, the dems are indeed the jackass party. But despite having that “spot on” “on the nose” mascot since 1828, they’ve never quite gotten the message. (The mascot actually does symbolize a jackass. Andrew Jackson supporters were derisively called “jackasses.” So Andrew Jackson embraced it [Read More]

Imagine (If John Lennon Had A Gun)

February 25, 2018 Dr. Tar 10

Comedian, songwriter Owen Benjamin put new lyrics that actually make sense to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” And if you liked that one, you’ll appreciate the song he did for Crowder this week.  

Guess The Reader

February 25, 2018 BFH 39

Our last reader was Eugenia (who feared she looked “fat” in the picture. Guys, what you say?) Here is the next reader—

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