Why? Paris Opens Up Restaurant For Nude Patrons

November 24, 2017 BFH 11

First of all, the chairs? One and done. Throw them the hell out. Second of all? I don’t need a second of all. And that leads us to, “Restaurant names that take on a new meaning if they were all nude”- -Howard Johnson’s -Outback -Carl’s [Read More]

I’m Thankful for Daniel Greenfield

November 23, 2017 BFH 13

Here’s Daniel putting into laser focus why I no longer tolerate leftists and have removed them from my life. Excerpt from FrontPage Magazine Why is it so hard for the left to be thankful? The answer is as easy as pumpkin pie. The left is [Read More]

Conyers’ Hometown Paper Urges Him To Step Down

November 23, 2017 BFH 14

DC- An editorial in Democrat Rep. John Conyers’ hometown paper urged the congressman to step down from his position in light of accusations that he used taxpayer money to pay off a sexual harassment accuser. The Detroit-Free Press editorial argued that while Conyers is a [Read More]

McCain’s Fake Boot

November 23, 2017 BFH 31

McCain’s surgical boot switched feet. That’s some tumor. It makes you feel like the tear you have in your Achille’s is happening on the other side. No this is not a pic reversed. All the buttons are on the correct side, Cindy’s ring is on [Read More]

Taliban drug labs targeted by B-52 strikes overnight

November 23, 2017 BFH 18

We Are The Mighty: American aircraft have targeted drug producing facilities in Afghanistan for the first time under a new strategy aimed at cutting off Taliban funding, the top U.S. general in the country said Nov. 20. Gen. John Nicholson said the raids were carried [Read More]

This Thanksgiving Malia Prefers White Meat

November 23, 2017 BFH 25

She’s got a boyfriend, Rory something, a Brit soccer player… and he’s a white dude. Malia’s not too woke. And neither is Sasha- It seems they sort of prefer the privilege that comes with hanging around a white dude, the scourge of the planet. more

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