Trudeau Visits India – Greeted by Back Bencher

February 17, 2018 BFH 8

SpencerFernando- Trudeau was greeted by the minister of state for agriculture. Trudeau failure The low esteem in which Trudeau is held overseas by leaders like Modi shows how badly Trudeau has failed. See the humiliation HERE ht/ nm

Winn-Dixie in Trouble

February 17, 2018 BFH 39

The Winn-Dixie is closing 200 of their stores and likely to file bankruptcy. I’ve been to the Winn-Dixie. Some can be a little old-fashioned. They’re struggling to keep up with Aldi prices, Publix middle-of-the-road domination and Whole Foods’ pizazz. What store do you shop at? [Read More]

Burn Unit

February 16, 2018 BFH 15

Chelsea Handler‏Verified account @chelseahandler Imagine your child never coming home from school. Then imagine having to tell that story to every new person you meet. Then imagine being one of 18 school shootings in 2 months. Now, you’re just a number. Another parent whose child was [Read More]

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