Guess the Reader

February 23, 2018 BFH 42

I always thought that Mr. Pinko was pixelating his pictures. Turns out, that’s his face from birth. He tells me it was a complicated, and tragic, forceps accident. Here’s one from a reader that is going to be hard to top. This person got caught [Read More]

Guess the Reader

February 23, 2018 BFH 63

The answer to the previous Guess The Reader is …. ………. Diogenes. Her age? A lot of high school guys would have lots of explaining to do because she is only 12 in this picture. (Officer, are you gonna tell me she doesn’t have the [Read More]

If you drink chocolate milk you’re being diverse??

February 23, 2018 BFH 26

Sacbee- Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner took part in an unusual demonstration involving chocolate milk to promote diversity in the workplace during a Black History Month event in Chicago on February 21. Footage of the event at the Chicago Thompson Center shows Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt Hotels’ [Read More]

Senior Care Facility Hire Pole Dancers As Entertainment

February 23, 2018 BFH 23

They say the residents asked for something different. Screen Cap from video at the Metro Mango Jello would have been different. Metro But bosses at Fairmile Grange home in Christchurch, Dorset, defended its decision to hire the dancers, the youngest being 10-years-old. Izzy Nicholls, operations [Read More]

Guess the Reader

February 23, 2018 BFH 60

Many got this right. It was almost as if you have formulated a picture in your head of what Moe Tom looked like. So, you think you’re all so smart? Which reader is this? And for bonus points, guess the age.

Deejay Ann Barnhardt

February 23, 2018 BFH 9

You are listening to the Ann Barnhardt show on iOTWreportFM- 06:00am If any of you readers were living within FM radio distance of Kansas City, you probably remember the top-40 station, Q-104.  Every weekday morning in 1990-1991 at 05:55am, they would play this, and never since [Read More]

Bill Whittle or Not, I Like This Response

February 22, 2018 BFH 18

I have no idea whether this is a real exchange with Bill Whittle, but until we know I’m going to say it isn’t. Regardless, I like what is said here by the author, no matter who they are. ht/ nm

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