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Odds on Favorite for Trump VEEP – Mike Pompeo


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  1. Anyone that is REMOTELY associated with any past administration and lives within 200nm of DC is suspect/rat. DC is a swamp and it “ALL” NEEDS TO BE DRAINED BY HEAT/LIGHT EVAPORATION, THE UNDERLYING VEGETATION BURNED AND THE MUCK HAULED TO THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN AND DUMPED.

  2. He might play some sort of role in Trump’s admin, but likely not VP.

    Just saw him a few weeks ago at a local church’s forum. They invite luminaries from gov’t (among others) to help shed some light on the inner decision-making, etc, of topical news and historical events. Pompeo was mostly closed-mouth about anything of real value; preferring to talk rhetorically in vague, sweeping terms. We snuck out about 20 mins early. He seemed tired.

    I’m not even sure where I stand on him. That’s a bad sign, for me. As Geoff C. put it, he was thin on details, almost boring. And he was good at evading the real questions. I chalked it up to him having to be careful about state secrets, etc. I wish he’d just come right out at the start and said, “Look, I don’t mean to be evasive but I can’t divulge a lot of info.” I think that would have made sense.

  3. “Fake news”

    Odds on favorite you are correct, Aircubed. The deep state leaves a shallow pool of talent for PDT to pick from, but picking Pompeo would be scraping the bottom of the baby pool.

  4. 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐣𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞 𝐓𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐨𝐫 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐞 – for THE General is truly impressed, kick-yo-ass, kiss-my-ass, scare the crap out of ’em, Progressives blow their heads up, full bore Constitutionalist, kill the FED, shit-a-brick, get out the popcorn, put on that dancin’ piana music, break out the gin, declare a holiday, bacon for breakfast, get out the rye bread and mustard this time, Grandma, because it’s Grand Salami Time! – AWARD!!

  5. Swampman Pompeo the odds on favorite?! SEZ WHO??

    If Peter Navarro were just a little younger he’d be my choice. He has the experience and he sure has the right attitude! I wonder who Navarro would pick?

  6. Ron DiSantis, period. The GOPe suckered him to run against Trump so Trump wouldn’t choose him as VP. They knew that ticket would be a blow out winner and DiSantis would run – and win – in the next 2 terms.

  7. As for DeSantis, I’ll offer a nice, loud HELL NO!…although I’m glad he’s my state’s governor.

    DeSantis is either a full-on globalist or wasn’t smart enough to avoid being taken in by Repugnican globalists. Either way, I say NO to him being a veep candidate.

  8. Please show your work Al.
    Seriously, give an example.
    DeSantis ran because he wants the best for the country.
    He would have been the best for the country.

    He racks up so many conservative wins, Trump should learn from the man.
    Let’s face it, Trump still makes too many mistakes and cannot get shit done.
    It will be 4 years of chaos.

  9. whomever is pushing this deepstate scumbag IS a deepstate scumbag. Pence was a stealth ds plant. This guy is a plain-as-day plant! There would be no point in supporting Trump if he chooses this specimen as his running mate.

  10. I live on a culdesac. You, however have built a 4 lane highway to cuntville….” you fine folks ” ??????…Lump all of IOTW together much?….

  11. “It is important to float these news stories out there so Trump can see the reaction of the people.” -BFH

    So, do you think he reads here? Maybe for entertainment, at least?

    I had a dream about Trump weeks ago. I was one of his advisors (yeah, riight!) and we were standing on a sandy, tide flat and I was telling him what I though about something (don’t recall). He wasn’t listening. Moments later he took off down the beach and proceeded to fall flat on his kisser in the wet sand. Very embarrassing, but he though it was funny. No worse for wear, he got up and continued walking with a big smile on his sandy face.

    I remember thinking, “He doesn’t listen to me.”

    I have no clue what it meant or why I would dream it.

  12. @LocoBlancoSaltine:

    Please show your work Al.
    Seriously, give an example.

    DeSantis took money from and got in political bed with globalist anti-Trumpers. If it doesn’t bother you that Ron’s Super PAC Never Back Down paid the Club for Growth Super PAC Win It Back $2.75 million dollars to run attack ads against DJT then it should. They did it that way to keep it under the covers.

    I like Ron D. for a lot of reasons at the state level. I do not want him as an elected official at the national level.

  13. @General Malaise — That’s quite a dream. It makes me wonder if you — like too many others — are expecting too much from the world (and Trump)to fix things. When’s the last time you spent some time in prayer with Jesus, laying your anxieties and fears at his feet?

    This question isn’t personal, really. It’s as good a reminder to myself and friends here at IOTWReport.

  14. Trump likes the hell out of Gov. Doug Burgum. Burgum was at his last rally. I don’t know that much about Burgum but apparently Burgum has supported Trump in the past.

  15. Pompeo -absolutely NOT. RINO Swamp creature.

    Question. Has anyone noticed how MAGA-like Marco Rubio has become. What’s his true angle? He’s been biting back at leftist media. Is he on the list for Trump’s VP? If he’s for real he might be considered a Trump VP candidate.

  16. Well Uncle Al, Disney also gave money to DeSantis and he paid them back by handing them their ass.
    The man has more integrity than any politician since Reagan.
    He cannot be bought.
    He cannot be persuaded by celebrity.

    Actions & results are EVERYTHING!

  17. FJB, I like Navarro too. But Trump should pick a VP who can win the next Presidential election in 2028. Preferably a younger person who appeals to younger voters, who sounds and looks good and has quick wits….like Vivek Ramaswamy.

  18. AbigailAdams – I don’t think I expect too much of him. Rather, I think I suspect – unconsciously – that neither he – nor anyone – can do what needs doing in four years and that the disintegration will resume afterwards. I which point I suspect I’ll be dead and unable to help either my kids or grand kids.

  19. General Malaise — I understand completely. I do think if Trump gets back into office, he can effect very swift change that will see near-immediate results. I remember how quickly he shifted the mood in the country in his first term, and that was in the teeth of the alphabet agencies undermining every step, and traitorous career execs in the military.

    My concern is that a renewed fortune for America would mean a delay of harpazo. I don’t know how things getting so much better for America — and with us, Israel and the western world — affects prophecy for the tribulation. I don’t want it delayed.


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