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Remember when Gas Was Under $3.00? AFP Remembers

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On Monday, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) will host the first of a series of events that will roll back gas prices from coast to coast “to get a pre-Bidenomics break at the pump.” More than 20 gas stations will participate throughout this week, temporarily reducing prices to as low as $2.38 per gallon – near the average price per gallon of gas on the day President Biden assumed office.

“Biden’s war on American energy has had disastrous results and Americans are reeling from high gas prices going into the summer,” said Akash Chougule, AFP vice president of government affairs. More

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  1. I am just glad that the price of gas at the Union 76 gas station down the street from me has dropped to $3.89 a gallon. And I’m old enough to remember when gas about .25 cents a gallon in 1972 and I could fill my 61 VW Microbus with a 10-gallon gas tank for $2.50, of course minimum wage was $1.65 an hr. back then and I was making $2.71 an hr. as a janitor at Meier & Frank in Portland, Oregon. When I joined the Navy in August, 1972 we were making $250 a month. Even when gas was about .33 cents a gallon for regular and .38 cents a gallon for Super with tetraethyl lead in it my dad still had some customers bitching about the price of gas at his Shell station (Regal Shell) in the early 70’s.

  2. @General Malaise
    My Dad told me he remembered gas dropping to less than 10 cents in the 1930s during a “gas war” when competing stations were fighting for business. So, gas only increased a few cents in over 30 years, but suddenly dramatically increased in the 70’s and is continuing to climb ever since?
    What could have happened?
    Oh….we dropped the gold standard.

  3. OK, OK, I’ll join the chorus of old farts. I remember when gas was under 30¢ a gallon. Hell, I remember when gas was under 20¢ a gallon.

    In the mid-60s I had a summer job pumping PX gas at the Cameron Station service station. IIRC, regular was 17.9¢.

  4. Jethro + the Mideast countries by then had all completed their nationalization programs for their oil fields – so each country’s take added to the companies’ profit rates (Shell, British Petroleum, Standard Oil, etc.) meant that the fixed costs of oil production simply went up. Add the 1973 Israeli-Egyptian war and the 70’s skyrocketing oil crisis was born.

  5. @General Malaise:

    the Mideast countries by then had all completed their nationalization programs for their oil fields…

    Calouste Gulbenkian hardest hit. Well, his foundation was. He died in 1955. If you don’t recognize the name, a little reading on “Mr. Five Percent” is in order.

  6. With Uncle Al’s remarkable memory, we’re finally getting some truly old farts to pipe up! 😂

    Do we hear a 15¢ / gal. price from an ‘old fart?’ (I figured my quote wouldn’t last!)

  7. I’m not that old (relatively speaking) but I can remember gas at $0.27 a gallon. My first car had a 21-gallon tank and topping it off when it got down to the quarter mark cost around $4.50. That wouldn’t even buy you a gallon in Some states today.

  8. I remember Gas Wars where the price got down to 9 cents a gallon for regular and 11 cents for Ethel back in 69. It was normally about 30 cents a gallon then. Dad had a Camaro RS and he filled every gas can he could get his hands on with Ethel.

  9. I can remember cruising with friends in the late 60s early 70s, and everyone would dig for pocket change so we could swing by the gas station for a few more gallons.

  10. To tune in with one more old-timers failing brain, I brought out an old album and discovered the gas wars sign at 16 Cents per gallon in Louisville KY. Filled up my buddies truck and with 8 people in the truck bed drove over to Churchill Downs and we all got several mint julips for each of us. Fascinating time in History, We all saw Secretariat win the derby.


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