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Have Gun Will Carry

November 27, 2022 Dr. Tar 29

Fox News Twice the number of Americans were carrying handguns daily in 2019 compared to 2015, according to a new study published this month.  Around 6,000 gun owners carried handguns every day [Read More]

The Truth Is Out There

November 27, 2022 Dr. Tar 12

CTH When you accept the terms “disinformation”, “misinformation” or the newest lingo, “malinformation,” you are beginning to categorize truth and lies in various shades.  You are merging black and white, [Read More]

Woke Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022 Dr. Tar 7

Only Mark Dice can make watching the worst leftist networks comment on Thanksgiving enjoyable. Watch

The Midwest Goodbye

November 23, 2022 Dr. Tar 11

As you travel to the relative’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner it would be wise to begin the process of departing before even arriving at your destination if you’re headed to [Read More]

Tool, Thy Name Is Ben Collins

November 23, 2022 Dr. Tar 7

Fox News Conservatives on Twitter mocked NBC News reporter Ben Collins Tuesday for lamenting the fact that audiences don’t seem to be heeding his warnings about right-wingers’ alleged anti-transgender language, [Read More]

Time to Talk Turkey

November 22, 2022 Dr. Tar 3

Mary Jo and Bridget from MST3K dish up some well-deserved laughs at this industrial film promoting the latest (for 1940s) in turkey breeding and preparation. Watch

Alabama Abandons ERIC

November 22, 2022 Dr. Tar 5

The Federalist Alabama’s Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen has announced that he will withdraw the state from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter-roll management system with politically compromised ties. “I [Read More]

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