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Planning Underway for Mass Deportations

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Deporting 20 million people – roughly six percent of the American population – would be a massive undertaking, and costs would likely run into the billions. All 20 million would have to be identified, located, apprehended, fed, and housed until arrangements are made to send them home. When their turn comes to be deported, they would have to be escorted to wherever they are being deported to – put on the plane, bus, or ship with a one-way ticket, and advised that serious consequences would result from their trying to sneak into the United States illegally in the future. And that doesn’t even take into account any illegals who have outstanding warrants or who have in any other way identified as being sought by law enforcement. More

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  1. If we kicked Soros and family out of the US and confiscated their money, we would be set. Pay off the debt and fund the deportations.

    We should do the same with Bill Gates and rat man (Fauci).

    Oh, and then figure out how much our government hot shots made on insider trading, confiscate that and give it back to the taxpayers.

    One more thing, stop funding NGOs that are trafficking children on the border.

  2. @Different Tim — Amen, friend. I’ll willingly flip a Krugerrand into the deportation fund, and another into the build-the-wall fund. And I don’t make that offer lightly, not with the spot price of gold north of $2,400 right now.

    Plus, I wish I had a bunch more of them to flip at worthy causes!

  3. @Tim – no need, The Fed will just run an extra 5 minutes one day to print enough.
    It’s a lot of money… but nothing compared to what it costs to keep them here, and nothing compared to the pressure they put on our economy. We can manage it.

  4. For some reason the scene of Charlton Heston trying to escape being netted by apes on horseback comes to mind.

    I wonder if the government to do a development deal with the History Channel and do a “Swamp People” series on catching illegals.

  5. As much as I want them gone, I wouldn’t donate one penny to this. The government got itself and us into this mess, the government can foot the bill to get us out of it. Redirect all those funds going down the crapper to Ukraine and get them the hell out of here. We’re full.

  6. @Vivian Rutledge:

    The government got itself and us into this mess, the government can foot the bill to get us out of it.

    I’ll kindly offer the benefit of the doubt and assume you simply haven’t quite thought this all the way through.

  7. @Cynic:

    Make it a capital crime. After the third execution, they will deport themselves.


    Or: “¡Señoras y señores! If you get on the plane voluntarily, you will disembark after we land. Otherwise, you will disembark while we are on the downwind leg of the destination airport pattern. ¿No tiene paracaídas? Que lástima.

  8. How much does it cost taxpayers to pay for each individual illegal?
    Lets say at least $10K per year.
    Offer each illegal $10K to leave this month, payment upon reaching their home country, with a signed promise to never return to the USA.
    And each month the offer drops by 1K. When it reaches zero the government offers the 10K to armed US citizen deputies to round each of them up to be deported immediately while bound and gagged.

  9. Cut off all government freebies. They’re not here to work, they’re here for the handouts. No ebt, no school for their litter, no housing allowance, and confiscate everything if caught. Take a dna sample if caught and they are never allowed back legally. Most will self deport. Easy.

  10. Walnut1

    Hold on buddy. That’s their plan. Stop and think about this. When they cut off all bennies from these assholes, which I believe is part of the plan, what are the assholes going to do? I’ll tell you. Their coming to your house to kill you, eat your pets and sleep in your bed with your wife. That’s the stone cold truth. Are you prepared for that?

  11. JDHasty — I agree. If existing laws were enforced and deportations begun in a steady, relentless manor, the majority of illegals would self-deport before the system got to them.

    Residents, permanent and temporary, as well as non-immigrant visa holders, should again be required to register with the post office or county or police station every month. Immigration should also be monitoring exits and giving exit stamps, to try to eliminate overstays.

    The other important things that must change are anchor babies and chain migration. I don’t think we need necessarily deny citizenship to a child born in the US, but no special rights should be given to the parents or siblings. If they want to stay together, let them stay together in the parent’s country. The child can always return to the US later.

    Why are we obligated to “reunite” families of immigrants? Chain migration is suicidal for a sovereign nation, people and culture. Naturalization should not be considered a foot in the door, especially if it involved illegal entry or an overstay.

    Get things under control, and I could be more obliging, but never again should we allow uncontrolled, undesirable immigration.

  12. @ Dr. Hambone SATURDAY, 18 MAY 2024, 20:29 AT 8:29 PM

    You’re falling for the progressive/Marxist/Satanists scam. The Republican establishment is just as invested in flooding the country with illegal aliens, particularly terrorists, as are the Democrats. The Republican part in the Kabuki theater is tip-off feign opposition and deflect focus away from the movement as a whole being on 5mm same page. I’ve lived through the daylight theft of the Washington State 2004 gubernatorial election and it could not have happened without back room dealing and buy in from the Bellevue Boys Club otherwise known as the East Side Republicans who controlled the WSRP. They absolutely hate the “Republican base” with a white hot passion.

    You look back and tell me that GW Bush, the Cheney, Romney, McCain, Ryan and their ilk have not been just as responsible for this mess? You can bet your ass they are.

  13. “Make it a felony to hire any illegal. It used to be that way and there was no problem.”

    I’m an employer in California. Believe me when I tell you E Verify is still the law of the land. It’s just ignored. That doesn’t seem right does it?

  14. Walnut1

    One of these days we need to swap contact info. I’m personally convinced shit’s going sideways. They’ve imported plenty of New Arrival Foot Soldiers. July 1rst there a 39 cent per gallon additional tax being applied to gasoline here. 49 cents per gallon on diesel. Diesel delivers groceries and everything else so groceries will be even more expensive. They don’t care because they think they are in total control. Newsoms in for the shock of his life, before 2025.

  15. I’m more concerned with dealing with the authorities after an incident than the invaders themselves. I think it would be better if it does fall apart to fall apart quickly so those that can take care of themselves are not afraid to. Most conservatives still have something to lose.

  16. The Demonrats will try to tie it up for years and may succeed but perhaps not. For one another of gum in the works is federal and a Trump DOJ won’t fight for Demonrat interests, individual Demonrat groups and individuals will lack standing on federal matters.

    Two, the message is to stop future illegals by deporting current ones, especially known criminals and crazy illegals of which their are millions as South America, China, and Africa have released from custody into the US. It will be hard for the Demonrats to argue with that in Federal Court without paying a significant political price.

    Third, the legal groundwork will be laid for DeSantis to continue on with the actual deportations for another 8 years.

    So yes, it’s worth the billions, especially since billions are spent to keep them here anyway…

  17. Threaten bank accounts, jail and registered property. Offer a grace period while you gear up. Millions will self-deport. Jail a few employers. This is not hard.

  18. Hey Brad, when I do leave the rez and go north it’s 49 or Latrobe. I’m draining my bass pond now to dig it out this summer. I live minutes from the four lakes near here, though I haven’t fished them in years. We used to waterski the delta in my youth, muddy water creeped me out. So did the striper boils on Hogan.

  19. The United States give money to every shithole country in the world that these worthless pieces of shit are coming from.

    Just start deducting the amount it takes to get them on a plane and dump them in the ocean from what we give their home country.

  20. plenty of laws on the books for the fix. implement the constitutional law. any person, group, corporation, ngo, charity found, charged and convicted of allowing foreign nationals to invade the united states of america will be strictly prosecuted. start at the root when pulling weeds. otherwise, it will sprout again. if the federal law is strictly enforced in all states the process of correction is sure and steady. if state authorities do not cooperate with federal authorities regarding foreign nationals, state authorities will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. our leaders, are picking and choosing which laws they want to enforce and ignore. there needs to be consequences, or there is no law. example. living in norcal, it is widely known law enforcement no longer impounds vehicles with no insurance, too many of them. with the cost of insurance, im wondering if im getting punked? should i consider dropping my coverage and join the growing uninsured? it is a law to have insurance, but no consequences. what of the all the laws california voters passed, but no enforcement. we are getting punked.

  21. Change the law so illegals and their anchor babies cannot become U.S. citizens.
    Then, deport the hordes of illegals and their families before the anchor babies are school age.
    Also, male illegals who are of military age should be deported immediately. These groups are in particular a major threat to our sovereignty.


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