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Abbot Grants Full Pardon for Self Defense Against BLM


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a full pardon Thursday for a former U.S. Army sergeant convicted of murder for fatally shooting an armed demonstrator in 2020 during nationwide protests against police violence and racial injustice.

Abbott announced the pardon shortly after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles announced a unanimous recommendation that Daniel Perry be pardoned and have his firearms rights restored. More

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  1. X today is a case study in how utterly fucking dishonest and evil ALL democrats are now. They’re calling Perry a “murderer” and the scumbag he shot a “anti-police violence protestor”.

    The filthy democrats really want to create a society where their mobs can block roads, kidnap you, menace you with AK-47s, & beat you to death, and you have to take whatever they plan to dish out passively, or you’ll go to prison for it.

    The democrats are an evil, demonic cancer on our society, and I have zero patience with any of them anymore. These scumbags need to be purged from all positions of authority over sane, taxpaying people. This cannot continue everywhere. Give democrats their own states to fuck up. But they need to stay the fuck out of everywhere else if they don’t want to behave like civilized human beings.

  2. Not enough!!!

    So where does Perry go to get his reputation back, or all the money spent on his defense, or all the days he spent behind bars?

    The life he got back resembles nothing of what he had. He is probably unemployable, without banking services or verifiable credit. No doubt the IRS will give him extra scrutiny and that effed up FBI, knowing how they just hate when good people they view as the real terrorists, get off, will illegally surveil him until a made up bullshit crime can be found.

  3. “But they need to stay the fuck out of everywhere else if they don’t want to behave like civilized human beings.” -TheMule

    But they need to stay the fuck out of everywhere else if they don’t want to 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 π•₯π•™π•–π•šπ•£ 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕀 π•“π•π• π•¨π•Ÿ 𝕦𝕑.


  4. The worse thing is that it’s not over for Perry. You can bet that the fucking democrat Stasi, formally known as the DoJ will prosecute him on bullshit “civil rights” charges, as if his civil rights weren’t egregiously violated on that day and every day since.

  5. Americans have a right to protest – I get that. But since when does that mean that law abiding citizens have to stay away from certain areas just because protests – many of them lasting days – are occurring? Since when so ordinary citizens have to be subjected to violence and aggression by supposedly “peaceful” protestors? Since when do supposedly “peaceful” protestors get to destroy property? Everyone’s a victim, and everyone’s gets media and government protection – except ordinary citizens.

    Yeah, I’m sorry that a protestor, who apparently brought a rifle to a protest, got killed. But no one is blaming the media – who inflame these things. No is blaming government officials who do nothing to protect people and property from “peaceful” protestors. Had the fellow with the rifle killed the Uber driver with the handgun, according to progressives this is all good and there’s nothing to see here.

  6. The upcoming civil case will further destroy Daniel Perry’s recovery of his life and his ability to recoup financially.
    At least with the pardon, he free of prison life.

  7. That “protester” didn’t merely bring a gun. He pointed an AK-47 at the man who shot him in self defense. It was on video. And the democrat prosecutor suppressed all the exculpatory evidence to hang Perry’s scalp on the wall.

    People who illegally block traffic, illegally detain drivers, and menace them with firearms deserve to fucking die for it.

  8. Abbott isn’t my governor, and he’ kind of a mixed bag to me. I’m glad he issued the pardon, but I dislike that it seems he had to be pushed into it. He reminds me of that old joke that “Republicans will always do the right thing, but only after they’ve exhausted all other options”.

  9. kinda crazy, right before the shooting Perry was bragging about how easy it was to stop traffic with an AKS47, people have to listen to him because he is armed. Minutes later he tried to back up.the illegal road closure with a barrel sweep and got popped for it. I saw this as a definite FAFO moment, and a teachable lesson.

  10. oops got the names mixed up, Foster, the Air Force veteran was bragging to the news crew, and Perry was the shooter. That what I get for not being fully vaccinated while posting. I am unsure how to edit, so please delete or correct as neede

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