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Apple Gets Serious Push Back on “Crush” Ad


Apple’s latest advertisement for the iPad Pro has caused quite a stir online, sparking a debate about creativity, technology, and the role of advertising in modern society. The ad, which features a hydraulic press crushing various creative instruments to showcase the iPad Pro’s thinness and power, has divided opinions among viewers and experts alike. More

The “Crush” Ad Here

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10 Comments on Apple Gets Serious Push Back on “Crush” Ad

  1. I ask you – who doesn’t like crushing stuff with a hydraulic press, right?
    Doesn’t offend me one bit, but I’m sure the Perpetually Offended found a reason!
    Apple should know their market better…Ahem.

    👏 Congrats on removing lizbeth! 👏

  2. Never owned an Apple product and never will if I can help it. And what Claudia said about the Cher song. But then again, she has more plastic in her then a truck load of Iphones. (Sher, not Claudia).

  3. Great ad. Including the manufactured outrage. Apple literally crushed it. As I recall, there was some “controversy” about their lSledgehammer ad forty years ago. Well-played, Apple.

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