Brett Bozell IV Given Four Years for Breaching Capitol on J6 – IOTW Report

Brett Bozell IV Given Four Years for Breaching Capitol on J6

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Federal prosecutors sought more than 11 years in prison and a terrorism enhancement for Brent Bozell IV, the son of Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell III and grandson of Joe McCarthy speechwriter Brent Bozell Jr., who was William F. Buckley Jr.’s brother-in-law and ghost-wrote Barry Goldwater’s “The Conscience of a Conservative.”

But Judge John Bates sentenced Bozell IV to 45 months in prison and $4,727 in restitution Friday. Bates found that the clear language of the terrorism enhancement statute would apply in Bozell’s case, saying it’s “a little difficult for me to escape” that conclusion. But Bates disagreed with the enormous impact it would have on Bozell’s sentence range and seemed uncomfortable with labeling a man with a leadership role in the politically-motivated attack on the U.S. Capitol as a domestic terrorist. More

7 Comments on Brett Bozell IV Given Four Years for Breaching Capitol on J6

  1. ‘What we allow is what will continue!’

    Gutless Republican and complacent or tyrannical demonRat congress persons are allowing this to happen, as Wreckingballbiden lets the barbarian hounds of hell from wherever to terrorize the USA.

  2. It was no insurrection. What happened was orchestrated by the enemies of America in and out of government. Therefore, conservatives involved in it were completely misguided. They danced to the tune of government agents and were tricked into invading the halls of congress. Not smart. Doing what your enemy wants you to do is no way to win.

    Conservative activists better make sure they have a good possibility of winning before trying that sort of thing again. And do it on their own initiative, not prompted, triggered, or guided by leftist traitors.

    It’s clear that the DOJ and the courts, with their dogs in the media barking in their favor, will destroy any conservatives who dare to take on the Fed. gov’t. Don’t start a war before getting most of the police and military on your side. The Confederates at least had a fighting chance to win in 1861. In 2024 conservatives have zero chance of winning a rebellion, as rebellions are usually conceived.

    Those are the facts today. In November things will change, we believe.


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