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Random iOTWr Critters

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1) Anymouse (Geese)
2) PHenry (Dobson Fly) Size
3) Marco (Raccoon) eating what the birds left for the varmints
4) Marco (Miguel) Inspects the dishwasher.
5) Claudia (Mud Daubber) Under patio table, taking a piece of dried grass into the hole.
6) Jethro (Egg) Found this egg in my yard about 10 years ago. Guess what it is from.

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5-26 Memorial Day – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON – Remembering the fallen with critters and flag, banners, or other military remembrances.
6-2 Do I Make You Happy? – What do your critters do to please you?
6-9 I Have Vicious Teeth! – Let’s see those scary fangs, beaks, or whatever they might have to chew their food!

Thanks for the pictures, everyone!!

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  1. I’m pretty sure it was a canada goose egg. They nest near the pond across the street from my house. I think a fox stole one and dropped it in my yard when it was startled by something as it made its get-away.

  2. When I saw the geese photo I imagined my 12 gage Remington barrel in the image and the front sight aligning with the lead goose.
    Any time I see geese flying that is my instinct.

  3. Krazy Kats and Ravenous Raccoons.

    Domesticated wildcats are always curious about modern conveniences. Miguel loves watching ceiling fan blades revolving and television shows with animals. He likes to listen to the sound of the garbage disposal and the doorbell ringing. Cats are an endless source of pleasure and amusement. Of course, I write this from more than a thousand miles away from his cat box.

  4. Although I hate mud daubers because of the mess they make I despise carpenter bees because of the damage they do to wood structures. My Dad called them “bung bore” bees.

  5. Jethro SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2024, 9:42 AT 9:42 AM

    Taken from the back deck of the house. Have small decks first and second floor. If you would shoot from the second story deck you have to aim down. Winter has four to five hundred staying in the open water three doors west at my daughter’s place (springs never freezes). Fly out every day to feed and return in the afternoon.

    The egg does look like a goose egg. Just chased a bunch off the lawn with four separate broods of goslings. Wall to wall goose shit. Th adults crap like a small dog. Pain in the ass!

  6. @Anymouse
    Canada geese – Rats with wings.
    Whitetail deer – Rats with hooves.
    I’ll be happy to help take care of your geese problem this winter. If prepared properly they taste just like lean roast beef.

  7. There’s ONE positive on where I live and was raised. Non-stop ducks/geese in your backyard taught me what Iwas supposed to sound like on the calls. Ducks came easy and even learned to voice call the Geese. Only seen one other guy do that over the years. If appropriate you could finish/finesse them while having the gun shouldered.

    Downside was having others calling in the same area that don’t know which end of the call to blow into. Figuring if you’re calling they should be too.

    Have some of the old man’s calls that a friend of his made for him. Older than I am with the brass reeds and got a good old boy from down in the Mississippi delta cut me a bunch of extra reeds. Ain’t any place I ever found that could supply me with the brass reeds. Have not attempted tuning with the reeds he supplied with. Gutless on that as I have zero experience with those and as long as the current reeds are working I’ll not mess with what don’t need fixing.

    Shame I didn’t check in earlier in the day as maybe someone here might tell me the finer points or how to do it.

  8. Many years ago before the geese started short stopping and wintering further north, hunted Crab Orchard in Southern Illinois. Wife’s cousin was in charge of enforcement (Federal Wildlife Refuge). He would call when the birds arrived and also gave us the straight skinny on where they were working when we got down there. Was really nice having the inside info and started hunting there when I was in school at SIU.

    He ended up being or getting a transfer to South FL. Never knew the Feds had refuges in the OCEAN. DEA used him for searches as he could pretty much do anything he wanted where they needed warrants. Stories, lots of stories.


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