Random iOTWr Critters

May 15, 2022 Claudia 9

Images from: 1) Eugenia – A litter of rescue kittens from a feral mama.2) Tim (Walking Stick) on Screen.3) Old guy (Violet)4) NAAC (Eagle) Deep Creek road , near the [Read More]

A Very Sad Story

May 10, 2022 Claudia 18

I just heard a sad story about a Nigerian man who died. Authorities found $350,000,000 in cash in his apartment. He had been trying to give it away for years [Read More]

I Wuv My Mommy

May 8, 2022 Claudia 13

Images from: 1) Peter the Bubblehead (Tuukka – Eskimo-Pomeranian mix) Tuukka spends time with his fur mom Michele (Mrs. Bubblehead) while she works from home.2) mickey moussaoui (Black Bears) Mothers [Read More]

Sing A Song

May 1, 2022 Claudia 7

Images from: 1) Steve Brown (Loretta) My girl Loretta isn’t very good with the lyrics, but she can carry a tune like nobody’s business.2) Claudia (Sammy) The rest are from [Read More]

While You Were Out

April 24, 2022 Claudia 9

Images from: 1) SNS (Skippy) watching as we go out, maybe making sure we leave so he can put on some Old Time Rock And Roll.2) Russian Bot (Ash)3) Eugenia [Read More]

Talent On Display

April 20, 2022 Claudia 17

Creating a masterpiece.🐈🐾🎸🎶😅 pic.twitter.com/R12iuVsgoA — 𝕐o̴g̴ (@Yoda4ever) March 19, 2022

It’s Blessed Easter

April 17, 2022 Claudia 12

Images from: 1) Steve Brown (Rabbit and Coleman) The rabbits are seasonal guests. In the weeks after Easter each year, many of the store bought rabbits from town either escape [Read More]

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