Rep Kat Cammack (R-FL) On American Government – IOTW Report

Rep Kat Cammack (R-FL) On American Government

“This video is sort of long at 10 minutes but if you want an understanding of how out of this world ludicrous American Government has become, I suggest you watch it and learn what’s going on.”

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  1. Kat is one of the good guys.

    It speaks volumes about the state of our union that you can count the House members that are worth a shit on one hand. Even more insulting is the GOP [supposedly] is in the majority, yet the chicanery is off the charts.

  2. I follow her on Instagram. She come from a Blue Collar background. To her credit she’s not as sophisticated as a lot of the butts occupying those seats. What she is saying here mirrors MTG latest rants. According to MTG the common attitude with so called conservatives is, let them have what they want, we will fix it after Trump gets back in. Her point, Trump’s one man, under heavy attack, get off your ass and start fighting back. Sometimes I like MTG, sometimes she leaves me scratching my head. Right now I like MTG. I think there’s a good possibility that that weak piece of shit, Mike “Little, Johnson might have taken the wind out of the sales for the conservative cause. I dunno. I’m just sitting here stuffing more mags.

  3. I recently voted against my so-called conservative congressman in the primary election. I came to realize he was just another POS. Oh, he talks like he’s fighting for the people in his district, but that dog don’t hunt anymore. I can’t wait to tear his ass up when I see him again, not that it will do any good.


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