Solar Eclipse, Part 2 – IOTW Report

Solar Eclipse, Part 2

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1,2) CoMiMuoIs It reminded me of some solar eclipse from elementary school, the first time I remember experiencing such an event. We had a mix of high broken clouds and lower more fuller cloud cover (Central Texas), but we had a break right at the full eclipse. I forgot to setup my binocular phone mount before hand, but got it together quickly with these and some other footage.

3,4) Jay Omega Pictures take in Royce City, TX. DSCnetc picture I took with my 12 year old Nikon Coolpix.
Neighbors picture he took with a Canon R5, 500 mm telephoto, and equatorial mount. Like $5000 worth of equipment. But, a really good picture.

5) Bo Diddley


These are great photos, thanks!

I have more photos and will post them in a few more parts sometime next week.

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  1. Wife and I enjoyed a couple of Tequila Sunrises while watching a 90%ish eclipse in the Atlanta metro area. We saw full coverage in Anderson, SC back in 2017. Great experience, but not worth as far as we had to drive this time. What was only a 1.5 hour drive took 5 hours on the way home. Insane.


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