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Travesty of Justice x 2

This just burns. I read on Twitter that a man who had been arrested 67 (SIXTY SEVEN) times was out on bail for whatever his last crime was. He decided that a little 80 year old lady needed stabbing to death. Fortunately, the police who responded to the violent act shot and killed the creep. Read Here.

So, what do the courts do for a peaceful (yes, she tried to “peacefully save the lives of preborn babies”) protester? They gave her a 57 month jail sentence. Read Here.

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  1. I guess saving lives is not even on the list of priorities for any recent democrat administration.

    Washington DC. and other US cities… etc., etc.

    …all linked together as areas where US lives are expendable.

    To convict this peaceful lady is really an inhuman travesty.

  2. The bad news is you can read stories like this daily. Sometimes two or three. And this doesn’t include citizens killed by “New Arrivals”. Our government has turned our country into a dangerous place. Because our votes no longer count are wishes or our safety is not a consideration. The United States citizenry has evolved into a commodity. And there’s only one way we’re going to fix that. And it’s not by voting.

  3. Why is it that the Babylon Bee gets it right with parody once again? In today’s Bee, the headline reads, Pro-lifer released from prison after she says she was blocking abortion clinic for Palestine. I pray that God will protect and vindicate this brave woman for rescuing unborn children from a murdering abortion clinic. The Judge who gave her this unjust sentence I pray that God will be his ultimate judge and hold him accountable for this travesty of injustice. I hate the left and pro aborts, they are the scum of the earth.

  4. I remember reading a story about times loke this, a judge had taken everything from a Senior Citizen, and was about to give her a death sentence in jail.
    She pulls out a pistol and shoots the judge dead.
    The guard shoots her.
    What did she have to lose? Everything had been taken from her. Her back was to the wall. She had nothing left.
    It may come to that. To my way of thinking, that should have been started years ago.

  5. even steven
    To rise to power in a corrupt system, one has to be more corrupt than their competition.
    One has to be a complete sellout to rise to the level of judge.

  6. Field day!
    Spring cleaning!
    Clear the decks!
    Turn to and clean up the boat!
    Clean sweep down, fore and aft!
    Kick the crap out of the bastards.
    Blow their heads clean off.

    (Wait. Something fundamentally got transformed there.)

  7. The “law” is a cudgel wielded by the “state” to maintain those in power.
    Thus has it been; thus will it be.

    Our Founders expected great things of us but we have become lazy and complacent, allowing traitors to sit in the highest offices of the several states and Federal government. Basically, we have given away our birthright (of Freedom, Liberty, and Self-Government) – or sat stupefied while traitors and con-men lifted it out of the dumpster where we discarded it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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