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Keeps Faaaallin’

FOX News Radio host Jimmy Failla releases “Keeps Falling” – The Ballad of Joe Biden.

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  1. If he did bust open his useless, lying, treasonous skull the vacuum would be enormous. Vacuum enormous enough to suck in three or four moths.

  2. Joe Biden – the “Fightin’ Blue Hen”. Suits the dumbass little pecker.

    I think he has a genital disease – Scrantonitis a disease that attacks the scrotums of liberals.

  3. He fell down on the job.
    The ground came up and meet his chin.
    The man was down, but not out.
    The poor guy was laid out.
    He went horizontal.
    He was checkin’ his eyelids for light leaks.
    He was having large motor trouble.
    He momentarily blacked out.
    His brain took a hike.
    His head blew up.

    (Wait, I morphed into wishful thinking there.)

  4. Al Bebak
    FRIDAY, 17 MAY 2024, 1:28 AT 1:28 AM

    “I think he has a genital disease – Scrantonitis a disease that attacks the scrotums of liberals.”

    …He probably has paresis, a late stage of neurosyphilis. Being a pervert his entire life it’s not hard to imagine him getting it, being vain its not hard to think he’d ignore it until it was untreatabke, and being evil he probably revels in transmitting it to every child he rapes. Here are the symptoms, see if this sounds familiar…

    “General paresis
    This form can appear decades after you’re infected with syphilis, and it can cause lasting issues. However, it’s fairly rare today because of advances in the screening, treatment, and prevention of STIs.

    If it develops, general paresis may lead to several health problems, including:

    mood swings
    emotional troubles
    personality changes
    weakened muscles
    a loss of the ability to utilize language
    It can also progress to dementia.

    Tabes dorsalis
    This form of neurosyphilis is also rare. It can start to affect the spinal cord 20 years or more after the initial syphilis infection. Its symptoms include:

    trouble balancing
    a loss of coordination
    an altered walk
    vision problems
    pains in the abdomen, arms, and legs”

    …read the whole thing, how long it takes to develop and match the symptoms and it starts to sound an awful lot like a certain pedophile fraud who’s currently the willing marionette in the destruction of this Nation…

  5. Nicely done! I wonder if they’ve padded all the outer corner walls and sharp furniture in the Residence area, or if they just make him wear a helmet.


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