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CD Media: Sabotage SitRep – Lt Gen Rod Bishop – DEI And DOD 5/16/24.

Host L Todd Wood speaks with Lt Gen Rod Bishop (USAF, Ret) about the progress made against DEI in DOD. Bishop is the Chairman of

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  1. They’ve already killed the military.

    It’s hard to imagine a young, straight, White Christian male signing up to bunk beside flaming homosexuals so he can be forced to accept poison injections, denied his right to profess his faith, be passed over for promotion and pay because of his skin color, and required to attend self-hating Marxist struggle sessions, all for the privilege of being put unsupported into foreign wars on the side of the bad guys and maybe being illegally ordered to fire on his own citizens for political reasons later.

  2. This country is currently being run by self indulgent imbecilic children.

    Pinko “Progressives” never mature past 5 and thus will always need the socialist state as their parents.

    Cradle to grade infantilism is their mantra. Lacking any merit or capabilities that come with maturity they promote solely based on meaningless emotional criteria.

    They act and are perpetual children fixated on themselves only and incapable of any true leadership.

    Just look at our current leaders and the confederacy of dunces in the cabinet.

    From the “resident” down to dog catcher Demonrats are bombastic, whiny, self indulgent narcissists and psychopaths…

  3. SNS,

    As a lifelong Soldier words are inadequate to express my horror and distain for what these communist children have done deliberately to my beloved and once honorable Arny.

    Were it not for my everlasting trust and love for the Lord Jesus Christ I would be in constant despair…

  4. Cisco Kid
    FRIDAY, 17 MAY 2024, 8:43 AT 8:43 AM

    Well spoken Sir.

    As I have said many times, I was unable to serve in the military myself but I certainly do appreciate all that you and all veterans have done, some that I work with and know well, and do not in any way take away from your accomplishments and sacrifices. Thank You for your service.

    But also as you know, they have destroyed EVERYTHING, not just the military, and I have commented on the current sorry state of things I know well such as EMS. They are going to leave no stone unturned in their quest to destroy faith in EVERY institution of Man, and in that your beloved Army is not alone.

    I believe they reserve a SPECIAL hatred for the military though, as the only bulwark that could possibly challenge their power and because they hate the patriotism of its members like you. Not for nothing did Stalin purge his own army as it returned victorious from WWII, and our own Communist are certainly trying to follow his example, and for the same reasons.

    But the ONE Faith they CANNOT undermine is not of Men, but in the Lord, as you yourself said. God Bless you for your testament to His ultimate rule and your profession of love for Him. May your example of abiding faith bring others to His side as we approach the End Times, and may your crown in Heaven be heavy with stars for each soul that follows you to Him.

    God Bless,


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