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Naked California Man Hit By Car

Daily Caller: Video caught the moment that a naked man in California ran into heavy traffic and was struck by a car, ABC7 reported Saturday.

The man, who was apparently having a mental health crisis, jumped off the fence at his family’s home directly into a sea of traffic Thursday morning, according to ABC7.

The video shows the man miraculously escape being hit as he makes it halfway across the road before getting rocked by an oncoming car and flipping over its hood.  MORE

15 Comments on Naked California Man Hit By Car

  1. Good thing for the lady driving the car there is video evidence of what happened to share with the insurance agent. Imagine that conversation…
    When I struck a deer that ran into my car I saved the fur that was stuck in the trim and shared it with the guy who performed the repair cost estimate. He chuckled when he opened the envelope I gave him.

  2. If I hit a naked guy having a mental health crisis I’d probably decide it was a good idea to have my own mental health crisis. At least it would be a carefully considered and rational decision to go a little nutso.

  3. “The man, who was apparently having a mental health crisis”

    It never fails does it? Always jumping to conclusions before all the facts are gathered.

  4. You’re just like crosstown traffic, so hard to get through to you
    Crosstown traffic, I don’t need to run over you
    Crosstown traffic, all you do is slow me down
    And I’m trying to get on the other side of town

  5. I’m not sure if ‘it’ was an illegal or one of those politically correct ones.
    No matter it got up and ran away, couldn’t have been hurt too bad


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