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Canadian Newscaster (1974) Having a Thing or Two to Say About America(must see)

I found this looking for Gordon Lightfoot live.

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  1. I was 15 when this came out and remember it well. Living near Detroit everybody listened to CKLW if all you had access to was AM.
    They played mostly top 40 stuff with a heavy hit of Motown.
    That recording came out as a 45 and stores around here couldn’t keep them in stock.
    That was right on the heels of the Bicentennial so it stayed on the airways around here for a long time.

    Wish I could go back. Those days were good but followed up by smiling Jimmy Carter.

  2. My Irish expat hubby says stuff like that all the time. He, like a lot of (LEGAL!) immigrants, admires and appreciates this country more than many people who were born here. I have been fortunate to learn from the perspective of a foreigner who takes none of our rights and opportunities and generosity for granted.

  3. Written and originally broadcast June 5, 1973, over CFRB in Toronto as a radio editorial by long time Canadian journalist Gordon Sinclair, this commentary created an unprecedented response and was eventually released on a 45 in December ’73 with “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” added as background music. His profits from this commercial single went to the American Red Cross.

    Released the same month was a version by Byron MacGregor (real name Gary Mack), who was then news director at the powerhouse Top 40 AM station CKLW in Windsor, Ontario, right next door to Detroit. His version, simply titled “Americans,” purportedly sold 3½ million copies in the U.S. and reached #1 on two of the three national singles charts (proceeds also donated to The Red Cross)

  4. Saw a BRISTOL, two-tone, chrome-glistening, immaculate, 1957 Chevy today at Krogers. I hollered at a kid one car over, “Do you see that car? I drove across the U.S. in that model. And you can take it apart in a weekend and put it back together!” He nodded and smiled. /off topic

  5. The Canadians really helped the US after 9/11 with Operation Yellow Ribbon. Planes were diverted to Canada and when US citizens were stranded after all the airplanes were grounded, Canada housed thousands of them.

  6. That moon thing that did not happen??? I recall seeing a recent article of the Moon flyover by India (I assume they were looking for landing sites recorded images of remnants of the U.S. landings!
    Now if people would quit believing what MSNBC tells them maybe we can put that BS to rest!


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