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Canadian Serial Killer “Speared” in the Head

Edmonton Journal

Notorious B.C. serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton was on life support Monday after a brutal attack by another prisoner in Quebec’s maximum Port-Cartier Institution.

Pickton was airlifted to hospital after the assault, which sources say took place just before 2 p.m. local time on Sunday, May 19.

One source said the attacker had earlier assaulted other inmates at the prison before being moved to segregation. The attack on Pickton allegedly happened after the prisoner was then released back onto the same unit as the serial killer, Postmedia has learned. More

Nicknamed the Pig Farm Killer, Picton is known as Canada’s most prolific serial killer, linked to potentially 49 murders. He was charged with 26 and convicted for six. The 74-year-old Picton became eligible for day parole this last February. Here

The Casual Criminalist did an episode on Picton a few years ago. Watch

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